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Important of Local Australian Experience in Finding a Job

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What is meant by Local experience means? It means knowing and feeling of Australian way of work practices and having experience of Australian culture. This is mainly to understand you have the feel of the culture and you able accustomed to fit into the organization where the work colleagues are of the same culture, without any surprises for you. This would happen to one who is new migrant. Who have not lived in Australia for some time to understand the way of living here.

For example, a Doctor who has overseas qualified and worked for 20 years in overseas. This doesn’t mean he is fully fit to the Australian culture. When he was asked to take a test in English language, he failed. This means he would fail to communicate with the patient. As a doctor, communication is very important. It is the way to make patience feel comfortable to express their feelings, emotions.

For this kind of profession, one may have to find the gap between the local experience and the overseas experience. In this case the Doctor has to catch up on the English language. He may have to get language coach and try to learn the language to communicate. As for as the skill concern he doesn’t need to upgrade, whatever the knowledge he has acquired so far still good and can be used in here.

So, it is very important for one to has at least some local experience of the culture and language in order to outperform.

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