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Important Benefits of The PPP Protocol

PPP Protocol

The PPP (Point-to-Point) protocol is a data link layer protocol that is used to create a direct connection between network entities or points with no host or networking device in between them. It can also be described as the encapsulation protocol that transports IP traffic across the point to point link.

The PPP protocol offers a standard method for transporting multi-protocol packets over point-to-point links. It is comprised of three main components:

  1. A framework for encapsulating multi-protocol packets.
  2. A Link Control Protocol (LCP) to establish, configure, and test the data-link connection.
  • A family of Network Control Protocols (NCPs) to establish and configure different network-layer protocols.

Benefits of PPP:

The PPP has several advantages over its predecessor HDLC. Let’s examine the benefits of the Point-to-Point Protocol.

  1. Cost: The PPP uses point to point connection which is one of the Wide Area Network(WAN) connection types and through that it connects LAN to WAN service providers. It also works to connect the LAN segments within an organised network. So, the business can link separate networks via the internet which helps to reduce the costs required earlier for establishing special gateway mechanisms using specialized software and hardware.
  2. Troubleshooting: In the networking, all the layers are reliant on both the higher and lower layers to some level of functioning. So, if troubleshooting one layer resolves the issues for that layer, then further troubleshooting can easily determine which other layers are facing issues.
  3. Link Quality Management: The PPP offers a link quality management feature which controls the link quality. When too many errors are detected, the PPP automatically deactivates the point to point link.
  4. Versatility: The PPP can function over twisted pair cable, fiber optic cables, and satellite transmission. It can also provide transport over frame relay, ISDN, ATM, and optimal links. With these many transmission options, it shows the inherent versatility the PPP possess.
  5. Resiliency: Earlier the WAN technologies depended on sharing links for data communication between networks and often experienced severe interruptions leading to loss of data. But now the internet networks provide flexibility and automatically reroute all the broken links before they reach their intended destination.
  6. Security: The PPP also provides security by serving as an end user authentication framework for an ISP to authenticate each end user before granting access to the network resources. This gives an extra level of dependability and trust.

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