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Importance of The Software Testing Courses

Software Testing Courses

The employment of software testers is projected to grow 22 percent from 2020 to 2030, much faster than the average for all occupations.

What does a Software Testers’ typical day look like? There are a variety of different types of software testers such as functional, automation, etc so your day would depend on which one you are. You could be responsible for executing, scripting, or authoring test cases. You could be responsible for creating test data. You could be responsible for preparing the test environment. Or even responsible for filing defects.

To become a Software Tester you would usually need to have successfully completed a bachelor’s or master’s degree in an IT field such as computer science or software development. In saying that, Software Testing today is a very in-demand career. You may need to take some extra courses or complete some extra certifications to make your resume stand out compared to other candidates.

Let’s have a look at some Software Testing courses available in Melbourne.

If you are looking for training and an internship. Logitrain offers 3 software testing courses, STguarantee1, STguarantee2, and STguarantee3. STguarantee3 offers the most certifications which run over a 3-month duration if full time, with a 3-month internship on top of it, where after successful completion Logitrain will assist you until you land a software testing job. STguarantee2 is similar, there are fewer certifications included which run over a 2-month duration, you get a 2-month internship instead of the 3, however, there is no job guarantee at the end of it. STguarantee1 offers even fewer certifications which run over 1 month and there is no internship at all. The courses Logitrain cover in regards to Software Testing are ISTQB Foundation in Software Testing, BCS Agile Foundation, ISTQB Advanced Test Analyst Certificate, Quality Centre, Introduction to Cucumber, Introduction to Selenium, and ITIL Foundation. With Logitrain, you will need to successfully pass all your certifications before moving on to your internship.

If you are looking just for an internship. Studyandwork offers a 3-month Software Testing internship, where you will be supervised and have a training plan to make it as beneficial as possible for you. You will get regular feedback from your supervisor and a reference letter and certificate of work experience after completion. Similar to Logitrain, Studyandwork will also offer job assistance after the internship.

If you are looking just for training. Theknowledgeacademy offers a Software Testing Foundation Course, which includes an experienced Instructor that will go topics to help you pass the ISTQB Software Testing Foundation Exam and other relative certifications.

If you want to go at your own pace you should check out Udemy. Udemy courses are all run online and are built by professional instructors using videos, presentations, audio, etc. These are all pre-created courses so you will not receive live help from a trainer unless you purchase a live class option. There are also no certifications included, if you want to have a go at a certification after completing a Udemy course, you will need to pay for that separately.

To conclude, it is good to do your own extra bit of research before choosing which course you undertake, and base it on your preferences and budget. I would highly recommend Logitrain as I have had personal experience with them. They have a very helpful well-knowledged bunch of trainers that ensure they are delivering content that is actually of use. It is also good to note that Logitrain is very flexible with how you attend your classes, if you can’t make it in person they will offer you to attend the class remotely to ensure you don’t miss out.

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