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Importance of The RIP Protocol

RIP protocol

Routing info Protocol (RIP)

Routing info Protocol (RIP) could be a dynamic routing protocol that uses hop count as a routing metric to search out the simplest path between the supply and therefore the destination network. it’s a distance vector routing protocol that has AD worth a hundred and twenty and works on the appliance layer of OSI model. RIP uses port variety 520.

Hop Count:

Hop count is that the variety of routers occurring in between the supply and destination network. the trail with all-time low hop count is considered because the best route to achieve a network and thus placed within the routing table. RIP prevents routing loops by limiting the quantity of hopes allowed in an exceedingly path from supply and destination. the most hop count allowed for RIP is fifteen and hop count of sixteen is considered as network out of reach.

Features of RIP:

  1. Updates of the network are changed sporadically.ss
  2. Updates (routing information) are continuously broadcast.
  3. Full routing tables are sent in updates.
  4. Routers continuously trust on routing info received from neighbour routers. this can be conjointly referred to as Routing on rumours.

RIP versions:

There are 3 version of routing info protocol – RIP Version1, RIP Version2 and RIPng.


It Broadcast at Multicast at Multicast at FF02::9 (RIPng will solely run on IPv6 networks)

Doesn’t support authentication of update messages Supports authentication of RIPv2 update messages –

Classful routing protocol Classless protocol, supports classful Classless updates ar sent

RIP v1 is thought as Classful Routing Protocol because of it doesn’t send info of subnet mask in its routing update.

RIP v2 is thought as egalitarian Routing Protocol because of it sends info of subnet mask in its routing update.

 Use right command to induce the small print:

# right information processing rip

Use this command to point out all routes organized in router, say for router R1:

R1# show information processing route

 Use this command to point out all protocols organized in router, say for router R1:

R1# show information processing protocols

There square measure 2 versions of RIP (the managed switch supports both):

RIPv1 outlined in RFC 1058.

Routes square measure given by scientific discipline destination network and hop count.

The routing table is broadcast to any or all stations on the hooked-up network.

RIPv2 outlined in RFC 1723.

Route specification conjointly includes subnet mask and entree.

The routing table is shipped to a multicast address, reducing network traffic.

Authentication is employed for security.

You can tack together a given port to try and do the following:

Receive packets in either or each format.

Send packets formatted for RIPv1 or RIPv2 or send RIPv2 packets to the RIPv1 broadcast address.

Prevent any RIP packets from being received.

Prevent any RIP packets from being sent.

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