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Importance of The PPP Protocol

PPP Protocol

PPP provides many basic however necessary functions that square measure helpful on a chartered line that connects 2 devices, as reviewed within the following list:

* Definition of a header and trailer that permits delivery of an information frame over the link.

* Support for each synchronous and asynchronous links.

* A protocol kind field within the header, permitting multiple Layer three protocols to hop over identical link.

* intrinsic authentication tools: word Authentication Protocol (PAP) and Challenge handclasp Authentication Protocol (CHAP).

* management protocols for every higher-layer protocol that rides over PPP permitting easier integration and support of these protocols.

The PPP Protocol Field

One of the foremost necessary options enclosed within the PPP customary, however not within the HDLC customary, is that the protocol field. The protocol field identifies the sort of packet within the frame. once PPP was created, this field allowed packets from many various Layer three protocols to hop over one link.

PPP defines a group of Layer a pair of management messages that perform numerous link management functions. These management functions comprise 2 main categories:

* Those required despite the Layer three protocol sent across the link.

* Those specific to every Layer three protocol.

The PPP Link management Protocol (LPC) implements the management functions that employment identical despite the Layer three protocol. For options associated with any higher-layer protocols, generally Layer three protocols, PPP uses a series of PPP management protocols (CP), like scientific discipline management Protocol (IPCP). PPP uses one instance of LCP per link, and one CP for every Layer three protocol outlined on the link.

PPP operation is created victimization 3 parameters:

Encapsulation of frames victimization HDLC protocol

LCP (Link management Protocol) for institution, configuration and testing of the link

NCP (Network management Protocols) to barter the various layer three protocols.

Link management Protocol (LCP)

This is the most protocol that PPP uses for its operation. LCP works on high of layer one and it works by establishing, testing and configuring the physical affiliation. It conjointly negotiates different WAN choices that square measure handled by the NCPs.

Determining transmission of various packet sizes

Detection of misconfiguration errors

Termination of the link

Determination of link failure

LCP is additionally wont to hash out encapsulation parameters and different PPP configuration choices like authentication, error detection and compression once the link has been established.

Network management Protocol Layer

NCPs square measure protocols that permit PPP to use totally different layer three protocols like scientific discipline, IPX and Apple speak.

When establishing a PPP session, LCP negotiates the PPP configuration choices at either purpose of the link. this is often completed once acknowledgment frames square measure sent.


The main command to alter PPP is: “encapsulation ppp” command. This command ought to be entered within the serial interface of the routers as shown below.

The command shown higher than doesn’t have the other choices, however, to use PPP, you want to have a layer three protocol.

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