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Importance of The Network Support Tools

Network Support Tools

Software and hardware tools track various aspects of a network and its operation comes under Network Monitoring System. These tools can track network traffic, bandwidth usage, and uptime etc. These systems can detect devices and other elements that comprise the network, also as provide status updates.

There are few free tools available for Network Monitoring.

Spiceworks: Spiceworks may be a free network monitoring tool used for tracking critical IT infrastructure like servers, IP devices, and switches. Spiceworks is primarily suited to small and midsize businesses and is accessible in both cloud-based and on-premises versions.

Splunk Enterprise: Splunk is an infrastructure monitoring tool that collects and analyse data from different IT devices. It also supports event analytics, container and virtualization monitoring while monitoring application, server, and network. Splunk helps to trace response and query time from web servers. It can be used in midsize and big businesses and helps with cloud infrastructure monitoring and managing security also.

Checkmk: Another free open source network, server, and application monitoring tool. It uses smart plug-ins to gather data from differing types of hardware and software and supports agent based also as agentless monitoring via SNMP, HTTP, or through APIs. Checkmk supports log- and event-based monitoring, creation of time-series graphs and reports, and log data analysis. Other features include alerts/notifications, auto discovery, rule-based configuration, and inventory tracking. This software is fitted to businesses of all sizes and is out there in both hosted and on-premises versions.

CloudStats: Is a server monitoring tool for Linux and Windows operating systems. It helps identify processes that consume large volumes of network bandwidth. CloudStats also supports data backup on Amazon S3 or local storage. This software is an agent-based monitoring system, and it uses its proprietary CloudStats Agent to gather and send network data to user accounts.

Zabbix: Zabbix is a free open source network monitoring software that supports server, application, and cloud infrastructure monitoring. it’s advanced problem detection techniques to predict trends and detect abnormalities of the network. It also does auto discovery of devices on a network, alerts, event correlation, and remote command execution. The software has a lively community that often updates the software and adds features. Zabbix is employed by businesses of all sizes during a sort of industries including financial services, retail, IT, and telecommunications.

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