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Importance of the Local Australian Experience in Finding a Job

Importance of local Australian experience in finding a job

Finding a job without any relevant experience is very tough these days. Every one prefers someone with a minimum experience for selecting for a job. It is prevalent globally. But, when we go overseas for work, besides the experience in the field, displaying the local experience also becomes a prerequisite. It is not that they want to discriminate against people based on their race or colour. It is acutally a very sensible thing to ask from an applicant before shortlisting for a job. Paying due attention to having local experience is a common practice in Australia as well.

When you move to Australia and send a resume for a job, you mention your overseas experience on it. Though you are not lying on the resume, but still there is no way for an organisation to verify it. Therefore they hesitate to shortlist such candidates for the job. Not just that, every country has its own work culture. For example, in India, the hierarchical structure of an organisation is very strict. The working environment is very formal. Whereas in Australia, though the hierarchy is present, in fact, it is important for giving a structure to an organisation, but it is not very strict and the working environment is very friendly. Here you don’t address your colleagues and your seniors as sir or ma’am, you call them by name, which is a good practice indeed as it helps form a better bond between the employees which in turn is very helpful in achieving the productivity goals of the organisation. Apart from that, the language is also a big consideration while hiring a candidate. As the language of business in Australia is English, hence it is very important to see whether the candidate is fluent in it. Though language is not a parameter of intelligence, it is a means of giving and taking instructions. If you are fluent in the language, then you can better understand the needs of the company and the client. Even the cultural difference is very significant while assessing the candidate. Cultural radicals find it very difficult to adjust in the open-society of Australia which can be detrimental to the organisation, and the organisations do not want¬† to get entangled in any untoward situation.

Therefore by asking for a local experience, the organisations in Australia not only verify the experience and capabilities of the candidate, but also make sure that the candidate can fit well inside the system of the organisation and therefore help in their growth.

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