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Importance of Reference for Your Resume

Reference for Your Resume

References could be professional and personal.

With respect to your resume, you can stick with professional reference

Professional references are nothing but contacts you include in your resume to provide information about you and your work. One of the benefits of providing a providing reference is they bring 3rd party opinion about you and the value can bring to the organization.

Usually, checking references would be the final step a potential employer takes before offering you a job.

How references are used by employers

If your interview went well and the employer or the organization is in the final stages of the recruitment, they will contact the references. It’s a way to confirm many of the positive attributes you have showcased during the interview and also to verify details of your work experience shared in your resume.

When to include?

Remember resumes should be ideally 2 to 3 pages and the recruitment managers skim through the resume in a few seconds.

Due to this, even including references upon request phrase on your resume can be unimportant. If it’s important, the employers will ask you to provide them.

Job description & Reference

The job description will mention if references are required. If it’s not mentioned about including references, you can send your resume without the reference information.

Appropriate references

When it comes to including references, include those who may be able to highlight the relevant skills and experience you’ll need for the job position advertised. In other words, it’s best to have references who will share positively and encouragingly about your work, skills, attitude and value. This can include Project managers, Delivery managers, Team Leads or supervisors, colleagues and which includes clients.

Reference request

Before including the reference(s), make sure you ask their permission first. Update them that they may be contacted by your potential employer or organization.

It’s important you share with them the details of the job position you’re applying for & it would be a great idea to as well share with them your up-to-date resume so they can be prepared.

If the references are not required or not mentioned in the job description, you can go ahead sending your resume without any references, along with other requested key -documents like cover letters. Also, it would be a good approach to prepare a separate document instead to include reference(s) instead of including them directly on your resume.

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