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Importance of OSI in Networking

OSI in Networking

OSI model was introduced because to allow the communication between the different networking devices on the earth. This is common platform for software developers and hardware manufacturers to communicate across the networks. OSI model divides the large segments of data into smaller segments. These small segments are easy to understand, manage and troubleshoot. Network administrators can troubleshoot the issues easily because of the layers which layer is causing the issue rather checking the entire network. OSI model was developed by ISO (international standards of organization) in the year of 1984.

Open structure interface contains 7 layers in the model. Those are

  • Application layer
  • Presentation layer
  • Session layer
  • Transport
  • Network
  • Data link
  • Physical

Application layer:

This is the only layer that the user directly interacts the data from the user. Software applications can rely on web browsers to initiate communication. HTTP and SMTP protocols are used in this layer.

Presentation layer:

Presentation layer prepares the data used by the application layer. This layer is responsible for encrypting and compressing the data. consume.

Session layer:

This layer is responsible for opening and closing the communication between the two devices. The session layer set the check points during the data transfer. If anything is interrupted, we can resume the data transfer using the checkpoints.

Transport layer:

In transport layer, the data is divided into segments. These segments can be reassembled at the end point.

Networking layer:

Here, we can break the segments into network packets in one end and reassemble the packets on the other end.

Data link layer:

This is the second layer in the Open system interconnection protocol. It is the protocol layer and transfer the nodes on a network segment. Data link layer is divided into 2 sub layers. These are

  1. Logical link control
  2. Media access control

Physical layer:

This layer is the last layer in the OSI model. This layer is responsible for sending bits from one computer to another computer.

The advantages of OSI model have

  1. Reduces complexity between the networks
  2. Supports interoperability between the products and services
  3. It is a layered protocol
  4. Supports both connection and connection less protocols
  5. Divide the data into manageable pieces.
  6. Each layer defines a set of functions and making troubleshooting easier.

Disadvantages of OSI model have

  1. Data integrity
  2. Various services are defined multiple times. This is a time-consuming.
  3. Each layer has to wait for the data from previous layer.
  4. It gives the detailed information about the unused services and protocols in each layer.

Basically, Open system interconnection model provides the understanding of how different types of PCs can communicate simultaneously using set of protocols and also tells the difference between the interconnection devices like switches, routers, hubs, repeaters etc. It is a theory-based networking model.

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