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Importance of Microsoft Outlook

Importance of Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is a part of Microsoft Office suite, offered to manage personal information in an efficient way. It was first included in the Microsoft Office 97 bundle and has since then become an indispensable part for the Office users. Though it was just an email client initially, now it also offers functionality for calendars, task manager, contacts manager, note-taking, journal logging, and web browsing.

Many things set Microsoft Outlook apart from other email services and make it an important tool for its users. First of all, it has integrated several services on one platform. Along with checking emails, we can schedule appointments, check contact details, and even join an online meeting. It also provides offline support. When there is no internet connection, we can still read, compose, or reply to an email, which gets sent automatically when the internet connectivity is reestablished. We can also assign categories to our emails to better organise our inbox. We can even add colour-coding to the categories to improve the identification. We can add a red exclamation mark to our emails to show the priority level of the email. Outlook also offers different ways to search for an email. Rather than just relying on entering the name in the search-box, with Outlook we can search based on the date and time of the email and also by the location at which it might be stored. The contact information provided by outlook is very advanced as compared to its rivals. We can add a photo to the contact, their job title, department, location, etc. We can even schedule meetings, make a phone call, or send an instant message to a contact on the Outlook. It also supports multiple time zones. It also lets us share our calendar with whomever we want. We can also ignore unimportant conversations easily, which in turn helps us to focus on the important ones. Even the future emails from that thread can be ignored. It also offers several keyboard commands to help perform tasks like, sending, replying, forwarding, and navigating the inbox and other folders conveniently. On Outlook, we can even listen to the emails, which makes working through the emails even simpler. The cloud attachments can also be automatically downloaded, which makes working with the attachments more streamlined. It also offers in-built security features which help to save us from the spam and phishing website emails. We can also sync our email with our mobile device and therefore we won’t miss any email even on the move.

All these features and advantages make Microsoft Outlook an important tool to be used both in a personal environment and in a more formal organisational environment.

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