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Importance of MCSA Study

Importance of MCSA Study

Microsoft is the world’s leading expert in operating systems, developing and selling operating systems for businesses and consumer use. With Microsoft products so common in the workplace and at home, it is highly advantageous for professionals to be certified in using these products. A Microsoft Certified Solution Associate (MCSA) certification is a highly recognised certification among professionals worldwide. It signifies that the holder is highly proficient in Microsoft technologies and possesses the skills required to excel in their job role. MCSA provides candidates with basic knowledge of Microsoft products such as Microsoft Server, Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure.

There are many MCSA certifications available for candidates to enrol themselves in and complete. There are certifications for the Windows 10 and Windows Server operating systems, for network administrators and technicians to familiarize themselves with. There are also other certifications such as SQL database administration, Office 365, Cloud Platform, Azure and Machine learning.

Similar to a CCNA certification, possessing an MCSA certification proves to an employer that the individual has passed through the stringent standards that Microsoft has made to ensure that the quality of MCSA candidates is high and that candidates are highly capable in their field. This gives MCSA certified candidates a step up compared to their uncertified peers. It also proves to a current or future employer that the candidate is willing learn and grow their skills and knowledge in their field.

MCSA is also an opportunity for individuals to grow their career. MCSA certification is the gateway to other, higher levelled certifications such as the Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert and Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD). Using an MSCA certification as a platform, candidates can explore the certifications of MCSE and MCSD to elevate their positions in the workplace. Doing so could help the candidate be even more adept at their job or widen their knowledge of the industry and allow them to branch out into other professions and roles.

Microsoft’s certification process also exposes candidates to each other, allowing them to build professional relationships with one another and support each other. These connections can carry over into the working world, where peers can assist each other with problems that they have difficulties with through communities and forums.

Microsoft’s MCSA certification enables individuals to generate value for their employers and themselves by being able to have access to Microsoft’s knowledge base, their peers and adding their own knowledge to the knowledge pool to pass on to others. An MCSA certified employee is a valuable asset to their organisation.

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