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Importance of ISTQB Foundation Certification

ISTQB Foundation Certification

ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) is a non-profit organization who defines various guidelines regarding the software testing qualifications. There has always been a debate regarding the necessity of having a certification for testing in a software testing field. It depends on how a particular person performs in their day to day activities in testing with the utilization of their knowledge and experience. In some cases it is not mandatory for a person to have a certification in testing to work but in some of the cases it is mandatory to have a certification in the related field in which they are working.

In today’s era, certification and courses has been an importance proof to prove that the particular candidates are interested in the field in which they are working. Certification helps to prove that the candidate is dedicated in the related field.

ISTQB certification is regarded as renowned certificates in software testing industry. It is considered as must have certification if anyone wants to pursue their career in software testing. It is widely-recognized certification over 70 countries of the world. It is also one of the fastest growing software testing certificates in the world. ISTQB certification helps in making a candidate eligible to work in a software testing sector.

ISTQB Foundation course covers the basic ideas of testing. It has all the required concepts that are required to be a foundation level software tester. ISTQB foundation course gives the basic knowledge of how the terms used in the course are applicable in the daily life of a software tester. It covers the concepts that are required to be known by a software tester. There is an importance of ISTQB Foundation certification. Some of them can be listed as:

  • To utilize and use the common terms and terminologies in the project from starting to end.
  • To understand the concepts of testing.
  • To understand the different principles in testing.
  • To understand different approaches in testing.
  • To help in prioritizing the tests as per their complexity.
  • Helps in writing effective test cases.
  • Helps in identifying tools and techniques used in testing.
  • Helps in understanding the basic tests and utilize the knowledge in running test cases.
  • Helps in executing test cases.
  • Helps in analyzing the test outcome and write a report.

ISTQB foundation level course is beneficial in learning the concepts that are required in testing and getting basic knowledge of terms used in testing. ISTQB foundation level course helps in increasing the knowledge of a tester in the related field. It helps in understanding the terms used in testing and also helps in practicing the process of testing and how the testing works. It also helps in increasing the knowledge and idea in how different process runs and how they work. For example: ISTQB foundation course focus on the basic ideas on testing techniques, test types, test strategies, test process, writing test cases, analyzing test conditions, writing test report, creating defect report, reviewing, etc.

ISTQB Foundation course is important as it helps to create a path in forwarding the tester in related field. ISTQB Foundation course opens up the path to start other courses related to software testing. It is one of the recommended software testing foundation certificate to start a career as a software tester. ISTQB Foundation certificate helps in getting a basic level job in software testing. It is a bonus point for a software tester to make them eligible in the software testing role. ISTQB Foundation certificate opens up the career in software testing role and helps in improving the different techniques in software testing area.

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