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Importance of Certifications for Jobs

certifications for jobs 

1.IT certification is an added advantage for individuals as well as the recruiters. When they look at your resume if you have the certification in the relevant industry then is significant advantage when you are compared with other people who have also applied for the job. This certification makes the recruiters to have a second look at your resume nothing more than that, but you get more time to impress the recruiters. As IT job market is getting more and more competitive, doing the certification will prove the recruiters that you have the knowledge of the field. The certification is from third party company hence it will be authentic information and added more value.


2.Retaining the job position: Some certification needs frequent renewal. Like Cisco certification requires renewal every 2 years and similarly other companies like Red Hat require recertify every three years, Microsoft requires recertify every three years or so. This will keep one in the industry otherwise they may not be able to be qualified. Some industry hires only certified professionals and keeps them unless they are up to date.


  1. New technology: Where ever there is a new technology in the market there will be only few of the professionals would have done the certification. So, if one gets the certification then he will be recognised as he has the knowledge of the subject. On the other side, for new technology there won’t be much study materials available and lack of advice from other certified individuals.


4.Earning certification shows the recruiters that you are intending to learn the field and shows your dedication towards deepening the subject matter. Also demonstrate how you are willing to sacrifice for learning.


5.When you earn the certificate you can enter in to the professional group and there you can access the peer resource materials. There could be a membership or member discussions that you can attend to learn more market latest happenings. You can also share the solutions of your own situation of challenging scenarios. You can also take guidance from the members.

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