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Importance of CCNA Study

Importance of CCNA Study

Cisco’s networking certification, Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) is a highly sought after and valuable certification for individuals in the networking field to possess. The CCNA certification validates the individual’s ability to install, configure, operate and maintain routed and switched networks. It also confirms that the individual has sufficient knowledge of networking topics such as WANs, LANs, TCP/IP, routing protocols, VLANS and network security. Furthermore, Cisco is a globally recognised networking company, and as such, transfers a lot of its recognition and prestige into the CCNA certification, making holders of the CCNA certification more valuable and sought after by employers.

Because of the usefulness of a CCNA certification, it is now exceptionally common for most, if not all network-based industry jobs to require an employee to possess a CCNA certification. Because of this, employees with a CCNA certification are more in demand than ever. Around the world, 93% of employers believe that a Cisco certified employee is more knowledgeable and bring more value to the business than an employee who is not certified by Cisco (Daga U 2016).

Ignoring the perceived value, a CCNA certification brings to an employer or employee, a CCNA certification also brings actual value to both employee and employer by allowing the employee to be more knowledgeable and able to apply that knowledge in the workplace. Cisco’s stringent exams and syllabus ensure that only candidates well versed in the ins and outs of networking can comfortably pass, giving employers full confidence that they are getting value out of their employee. Furthermore, it gives the employee the confidence to know that no matter what technical problem they face in the workplace, they have the knowledge and resources to deal with the problem and are capable of solving the issue because of what they have learned from their CCNA certification process.

Cisco CCNA also serves the purpose of bringing people working in the network industry into contact with each other. It allows people in networking to network with each other and build relationships that can carry over into their professional working lives. With these relationships, individuals can better learn and support their peers through resources such as online communities and forums, helping each other with problems that some lack the knowledge or expertise to solve.

Cisco CCNA brings immense value to all involved in it. From the employee who has the certification and so has the knowledge and skills to perform in the workplace, to the employer who has confidence in his employee because of the certification and also the peers of the employee who can ask for assistance and be confident in knowing that they will receive an educated answer.


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