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Importance of Australian Culture To Get a Job in Australia

Get a Job in Australia

Australian culture is different in its own way. It’s important to understand the local culture to get a job. This document will share some of the most important things to learn or know about local culture.

  • Almost every conversation will start with “Hi, how’s it going?” It’s just a way of greeting the other person and to which the answer could be “Good thanks, how about you?”
  • Personal space is important when speaking with people. You can shake hands when you meet someone, but otherwise you should not touch your co-workers which is usually the same in other countries as well, except for a few.
  • Always be on time for professional meetings & appointments, and including social gatherings.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask questions if you don’t understand something. Local employers want to help you learn and understand so that you can do a good job.
  • Commit to do the task you are given.
  • Be open & feel free to disagree.
  • Use “please” and “thank you” whenever required and it’s a show of respect to everyone.
  • Try to say exactly what you mean.
  • Understanding Slang Words: Some words and phrases may be confusing initially, but you will understand, get used to it and start using it yourself in no time. It would be nice to be familiar with Aussie slang words. For example, some of them are:
      • ‘Ta’ = Thanks
      • ‘Fair Dinkum’ = Refers to honesty or telling the truth
      • ‘Macca’s’ (pronounced ‘Macker’s’) = McDonald’s
      • ‘Brekkie’ = Breakfast
      • ‘Arvo’ = Afternoon
  • Australian Sport: Many Australians love football and you having a little knowledge about AFL may turn out to your favor with a potential employer. Also, most Australians are big cricket fans.
  • Give your Best: The more you are willing to give your best and try your hardest, the more impressed your potential employer will be. Does not matter if it fails, as long as you give your best.
  • Meetings usually start with social chit chat, unlike other countries.
  • Many Aussies follow is avoiding any mention of religion or politics at work to avoid offending anyone or starting an argument.

So it’s important to understand that Australian workplaces are relatively informal compared to other countries. This applies to the relationships between co-workers & with management, the language used in meetings and social conversation, and the dress code as well.

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