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Importance of Agile Foundation Certification and Jobs

Agile Foundation Certification and Jobs

Agile is an iterative development, where requirements and solutions develop through interaction between self-organizing cross-functional teams. Agile provides a disciplined project management process that motivates frequent inspection and adaptation, a leadership philosophy that motivates teamwork, self-organization, and accountability, a set of engineering best practices planned to allow for rapid delivery of high-quality software, and a business approach that aligns development with customer needs and company goals.

Agile refers to any development process that is included with the concepts of the Agile Manifesto. The Agile Manifesto is generated by a group of fourteen leading figures in the software industry and reflects their experience of what approaches can be applied in software development and cannot be applied with software development.

Organizations have adopted agile methods and principles to withstand the IT market due to its growing demands and expectations. Agile is now in great demand so, the demand for agile professionals has increased in the IT industry and also in other areas of engineering as well. This demand increased the need for Agile certifications.

Agile certification helps in fast-tracked software delivery, enhanced delivery predictability. It helps in the decrease of the total cost of a project. Moreover, this certification course provides you global recognition and makes you stand out from the crowd.

Who all can take up this certification?

  • Working and aspiring agile coaches
  • Candidates who require to play a leadership role in Agile projects
  • Product Owners
  • Scrum Masters
  • Iteration Managers
  • Project Managers and Team Leaders

PRINCE2 Agile® Foundation Certification

The goal of the PRINCE2 Agile Foundation Certificate

It is designed to help professionals deliver agile projects by tailoring PRINCE2 management controls with a broad toolset of agile delivery techniques and frameworks

The certification will help you to:

  • Understanding of PRINCE2 governance needs clearly and comprehensively
  • Gaining a broad range of knowledge of agile concepts and techniques which includes Scrum, Kanban, Lean Start-up and Cynefin
  • Exploring the interface between PRINCE2 and agile ways of working.

BCS Certification

BCS Certification allows professionals a unique certification that have both agile principles and scrum methods.

BCS Foundation Certificate in Agile includes the use of Agile methods in projects, product and software improvement. Moreover, the syllabus is prepared to make sure that the candidate to have proper knowledge of the core of Agile practices, the Agile purposes, and principles, over a breadth of Agile methodologies; it does not fully focus on one specific methodology.

Agile Scrum Foundation is made to test a professional’s fundamental knowledge of agile principles and scrum methodology. Also, it is very useful for those managing or participating in projects. Furthermore, the exam is unusually interesting for professionals who work in fields including software development, project management, IT service management, and business management.

Jobs that you can opt for after gaining the PRINCE2 Agile Foundation and Practitioner Certification

  • Project Administrator

Expected Salary: $61,575

The role of a project administrator is to guide the project management team in developing the projects. They also help them in arranging the team members, prepare the project reports, so on. In addition, the additional tasks might include a plan for meetings, writing notes during the meeting, sending email reminders to the members of a team, order supplies, preparing presentations, keep the team’s project management system up to date, and so on.

  • Project Coordinator

Expected Salary: $47,063 per year

The project coordinators are in charge of assisting the project managers in monitoring and keeping track of the progress of their team. As project coordination, you are in charge of planning proper timelines for the projects, build schedules for activities, and monitor the progress of the team members on specific tasks. You will be responsible for using the spreadsheet or project management software to monitor various sources of data at one time. Thus, you have to guarantee that the objectives of a project are achieved within the given timeline.

  • Operation Manager

Expected Salary: $62,799 per year

The duty of an operation manager is to monitor the tasks of high-level human resources. In addition, examining and enhancing organizational processes. This role calls for the requirement of HR experience; it is the best to match for any individual with a project management certification. Since the operation managers are needed to acquire the skills needed to planning, performing, and managing projects. It helps in developing the productivity, quality, and effectiveness in the office.

  • Program Manager

Expected Salary: $71,199 per year

The responsibility of a program manager is to co-ordinate the projects in a business organization. They are responsible for helping brain-storming sessions, performing activities for projects and meetings. They ensure the purpose of the project is aligning with the organization’s goals. A project manager is concentrated on one project, whereas the program manager is responsible for various projects or programs.

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