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Aug 20
Network+ training and certification

Importance of Network+ Training and Certification

CompTIA Network+ course helps in developing your career in IT industry. It provides in-depth knowledge in troubleshooting, configuring and managing computer networks.

Network+ certifies that an IT professional has ability and relevant skills to design and implement networks; can configure, manage and maintain essential network devices; efficient working with devices such as routers and switches network traffic segmentation and can create resilient networks.

It ensures that an individual have high capability in identifying pros and cons of existing network configurations and can implement network security, standards and protocols effectively. Network+ certified professionals have critical network troubleshooting proficiency. They can also support the creation of vitalized networks and have good understanding of networking concepts.

This certification let an individual showcase their expertise in explaining the purpose and need of a various networking concepts and can implement them appropriately. They attain good network infrastructure knowledge and are skilled in determining & explaining the appropriate cabling, network devices and storage technologies.

Network+ certification proves an individual’s proficiency in network operations, network security and network troubleshooting & tools.

Network+ certification is beneficial for IT professional in several job profiles such as Junior Network Administrator, Help Desk Technician, Network Support Specialist, Computer Technician, Network Field Technician, Junior System Engineer, System Engineer, Network Field Engineer and Network Analyst.

CompTIA Network+ covers the topic of configuration, management and troubleshooting of commonly used wired and wireless network devices. Also provides knowledge of evolving technologies such as unified communications, mobile, cloud, and virtualization technologies.

Information technology is an extremely dynamic field, make room for new opportunities and challenges each day. CompTIA also offers continuing education program that will enable certified professionals to stay updated with new and evolving technologies and become a desirable IT and security expert.

CompTIA Network+ certification is eligible for three years from the day you passed your exam. The Continuing education program you applicable to extend your existing certification in three-year intervals by working upon activities and training that co-relates to the content of your previous certification.

Network+ is an important initial certification for any tech savvy IT professional portfolio. This certification is good for entry-level network technicians to start their career in IT.

CompTIA Network+ is a vendor-neutral certification and is a stepping-stone to more advanced networking certifications. This certification is also a prerequisite for some vendor-specific certification.

Obtaining this certification can help professional gain higher salary package and position.

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