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Aug 25
Importance of Microsoft PowerPoint

Importance of Microsoft PowerPoint

PowerPoint is a quick and easy way to explain ideas and information to the audience. PowerPoint is an electronic slide presentation you can easily convey your message in a more effective way. Power Point is one of the tools of the Microsoft Office suite. Many people are very familiar with Microsoft word and Microsoft excel, that is why they find many familiarities with PowerPoint’s menu, tool bar, page layout, and buttons. Here we discuss what to do’s and don’ts with PowerPoint slides. How PowerPoint is important for business growth and increases your listeners.

PowerPoint is such a great tool used for so many things:

  • Presenting a project at school
  • Launching new technology in the market
  • Showing plans, expectation and growth to the employees
  • Introducing your goal, achievement, idea or any great person’s biography
  • Just anything! You can make with PPT. It will be fun, creative, technically or useful

What to do’s with PowerPoint:

  • PowerPoint is most useful, accessible way to present visual aids. You can easily create colorful, attractive and catchy templates. So your audience can easily understand your topic and visualize your idea in their mind.
  • Make sure about your audience if they are younger than put related videos and funny slides in your presentation that way you can grab their attention.
  • If you are making a slide for the business purpose than ensuring to keep some statistics work and graph to get an idea about plan and project mission.
  • Means, Create your PowerPoint as per your audience requirement and keep it visually presentable because people want from the speaker not what’s printed on the slides.
  • You can use animation to enhance your presentation but use it wisely.
  • Use maximum 15 slides for the same topic overloaded slides will bore people.
  • Always use titles headline so when you give presentation you will not get confuse with your slides and people can understand your views.
  • Every title headlines should have some stories so you can continue your presentation with story.
  • Give your audience roadmap, so they can feel comfortable with your speech.
  • Think your slide as a “Cabbage” there are layers to the story you’re trying to tell.
  • Use close question and know about your audience conclude by this you can get clue about what you are looking for.
  • Keep it short and sweet. Get audience interest and engage them asking question.

What don’ts with PowerPoint?

  • Don’t write too much on your PowerPoint presentation, it will become boring to your audience and you will not get their attention.
  • Don’t make it complicated just keep it simple.
  • Don’t rely on too heavily on bullet points. Each bullet must have their own slides.
  • Don’t change font size and format. Make sure about the consistency of the format and font size. Always use legible fonts.
  • Never keep same color background and fonts because people could see it properly. So, Use dark text and light background.
  • Don’t read your speech from your PowerPoint slides, instead of you can just write your ideas with proactive verbs.
  • Don’t overload your PowerPoint with GIF, images and videos.

Golden rule of thumb for PowerPoint presentation:

  • First of all, ask question to yourself that why you want to create presentation. Base on that make PPT to achieve your objectives.
  • Your aim should be anything just like influence, teach, inform or it may be get decision. Keep in mind your context of the subject.
  • Always ask feedback from your audience that way can get to know what you need to improve.
  • Most important thing is present your audience as you want to present them.
  • Last but not least, “All PowerPoint presentation rules, principles, and guidelines are secondary to doing what is correct way for your audience.” Just keep in mind when, where and to whom you present.

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