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Aug 25
Local Australian Experience

Importance of Local Australian Experience in Finding a Job

When looking for jobs in Australia, you might come across fact that “to find a job you must have a local work experience”. It totally depends on the field in which you are looking for job.

When we talk about IT jobs, it totally depends on which domain of IT you belong. There are many certifications such as ITIL, JAVA, CCNA, etc, are universally recognised. If you have strong IT experience overseas, you don’t need much of local experience until and unless you have good communication skills. Most of the IT services are outsourced from other countries than why is it necessary to have local experience.

People in spite of being technically efficient do face finding their first job after moving to Australia. The problem could be their communication skills, cultural difference, or possibly they don’t know right approach of finding jobs. Most applicants are rejected when it comes to client facing roles. This refers to interacting with clients or external stakeholders. Well, in such cases recruiters do prefer applicants with cultural familiarity such as the professional who can lubricate interactions with clients by discussing a common insider’s knowledge of Australia, local IT industry and culture.

If you are applying for a job to recruiter, there are high chances that you will be asked for local experience whereas if you directly provide your resume to an employer you might not expect the same.

If a technical person is reading your resume or interviewing you, they will assess your depth of knowledge and experience within seconds. They can quickly decide if you are good fit to the job or not.

A HR person or recruiter, on the other hand, will most likely ask you for prior local experience. In that case, you need a local reference to back you up.

If you get a feedback after an interview, that you are not suitable candidate for this job because you don’t have local experience, but the fact is that, the employer is not being honest with you; they probably knew it before the interview that you do not have any local experience. They are possibly trying to avoid confrontation and don’t want to hurt you.

Try to apply for roles advertised directly by the company and don’t rely on recruiting agencies. Get advice and guidance from people familiar to this field. LinkedIn networking can also do wonders in that case. Attend technical events taking place near you to interact with people in similar domains as yours.

So, socialize and seek advice from your other IT professionals.

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