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Jul 26
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Importance of Juniper Certifications in Australia

Juniper is a fast-growing technology company that is widely used in networking and getting certified has become a necessity these days with the benefits they provide.

Here we are listing few benefits of certification apart from career growth:

A recent Logitrain survey suggests that there has been an improvement in a number of areas because of the Juniper certifications.

  • Faster identification and resolution of issues in networking.
  • A greater understanding of the networking principles.
  • Maximum utilization of Juniper products.
  • Designing effectively of the network products.

Juniper certifications add more value by increasing the productivity of the individual.

JNCIA Fast TrackBelow are the few certifications offered by Juniper:

Juniper Network Certified Associate (JNCIA – Junos: JN0-102): This certification acts as a pre-requisite for further examinations and provides a basic understanding of the usage of the Juniper products, its Operating System and basics of routing and switching. This can be taken by an individual who is at the beginner level or has some experience in working with Juniper Network products. This certification proves the candidate’s knowledge of networking fundamentals as well as the Junos fundamentals of the operating system and configuration. The exam consists of 70 multiple choice questions and the exam duration is 90 minutes. The JNCIA Junos Training will prepare you for the JNCIA certification.

Juniper Networks Certified Specialist Enterprise Routing and Switching (JNCIS – ENT): This certification is a pre-requisite for this exam and this is intended to help candidates in understanding the networking technology as well as the Juniper enterprise routing and switching technologies. The exam also tests the troubleshooting and configuration skills of the candidate. This is valid for three years. The exam comprises of 65 multiple choice questions with exam length as 90 minutes.

Juniper Networks Certified Professional Enterprise Routing and Switching (JNCIP – ENT): This is targeted at networking professionals who have experience in their field and have advanced knowledge about Juniper networks. This exam verifies the individual’s knowledge of advanced enterprise routing and switching technologies and the related configuration and troubleshooting skills. JNCIS – ENT is a pre-requisite for this exam and the exam length is 120 minutes for attempting 65 multiple-choice questions.

Juniper Networks Certified Expert Enterprise Routing and Switching (JNCIE – ENT): The pre-requisite for this exam is JNCIP – ENT and it is a lab exam. You will be provided with real-time scenarios to validate the candidate’s ability to configure, troubleshoot and manage Juniper networking products. This is 8 hours exam which is held at Juniper networks testing centres and the certificate is valid for three years.

Once you clear the exams you will be awarded the certificate of achievement and also can use the certification logo. Customers and employers equally see the benefits of the certification and if you are working on Juniper networks platform getting a certification is the ideal thing to do. It increases your visibility in the market and you can gear up for facing more challenging opportunities as clients will be confident in dealing with certified professionals. Managers also find that investing in the employee’s certification is beneficial for the overall growth of the organisation as it reduces the time and effort needed for solving issues and certified professionals provide effective solutions.

With many exam centres providing training and assistance in certification, it helps the individual in achieving the results faster and understanding the concepts better. There are many institutes which provide live training as well as online training and can help the candidates choose as per their requirements and availability.

Choosing the right institute is very important for the candidates. This needs to be done with prior research to check if the content of the material they provide matches your needs. Logitrain course includes the JNCIA Junos book, JNCIA Exam JN0-102 and practise exam.


Logitrain Melbourne offers the JNCIA Fast Track training, for more information please visit www.logitrain.com.au or call 1800 159 151.



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