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How to Troubleshoot Printing Problems?

Troubleshoot Printing Problems

‘About 50% of Help Desk Calls are Printer-Related’

Printing is essential today in pretty much every single office and is used quite a lot. If your office has an older printer the chances are it will bump into more issues. Looking at the statistic above proves that printing problems also waste a lot of your IT support staff’s valuable time when instead they could be working on more important tasks. In saying that, let’s have a look at the most common printing problems that arise today and how to troubleshoot them.

‘My printer won’t print’. There are a variety of different reasons why a printer won’t print! Usually, if no error messages pop up on the screen, the issue has to do with the connection. Believe it or not, first you would have to check if the printer is on. In some cases, the helpdesk receive calls their printer isn’t printing and the printer wasn’t even turned on. After ensuring the printer is turned on and there’s still no printing, you have to ensure the paper tray has paper loaded in it. If the paper is loaded, you turn your attention to the cables to make sure they are connected properly. If the printer is connected wirelessly, you will need to make sure the printer is connected to the right network. There could even be an issue with the printer’s driver, it may be corrupt and needing to be reinstalled.

The issue we all hate the most, Paper jams. Now, most of our instant reactions would be to pull the paper aggressively out of anger, however, it is best to be patient to avoid turning a simple paper jam into an even bigger issue, such as printer damage. If you are unsure of how to remove the jammed paper properly, it is best to read the paper jam section of your printer’s manual, because all printers and models will have a different approach to how to remove it.

We have all experienced poor print quality at least once in our lives. The printing may come out smudged, faded, or just bad quality in general and this would usually be because of the print settings or the cartridges, but can also be due to plenty of other reasons. Firstly, you would have to ensure the media and paper options you have selected match whatever is in your paper tray. If the issue isn’t solved, you may have to check the cartridges to ensure they aren’t damaged. Finally, you will also need to check if the printer driver needs upgrading. You always want to keep your printer up to date with its upgrades.

Are you using WiFi printing and experiencing long printing wait times? WiFi printing comes with plenty of advantages however a massive disadvantage is it may be slower at times. The most common reason for this issue is where the printer is placed. You will need to ensure your router is close to the printer and there aren’t any objects blocking the connection. This simple troubleshooting step should increase your WiFi printing performance.

The scanner isn’t scanning. This could mean the scanner is corrupted, meaning you may possibly need to reinstall the printing software. If this doesn’t fix the issue it is again best to read the scanning section of your printers manual. There may even be a physical issue, meaning a certain piece of hardware may need to be replaced.

Finally, these days most printing companies allow their customers to download a mobile application from where they can easily connect and print wirelessly even without a WiFi connection. If you are unable to print via the mobile application, the main troubleshooting solution is to check for any application or software updates and ensure it is compatible with your printer.

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