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Nov 26
how to switch to it career

How to switch to IT career?

We spend a significant portion of our life at work. If one is not happy with their profession, then it is definitely not worth it. It can affect one’s physical and mental health and well-being. Many career options are available, and Information Technology (IT) is one of them, it is an ever-green and ever-growing field.

Are you also planning to change your career to IT? If yes, then read on. You need to understand the steps and this article will help you how you can switch to IT and the IT job opportunities available.

Many people switch their career to IT because they are tired of working physically. IT professionals work the same hours as construction workers may do, but it is a lot less tiring physically and in most cases, more rewarding too. Working in IT can be mentally stressful, though. Many people switch to an IT career in their 30’s and some switch to IT in their 40’s because of this reason. Some people like to take on new challenges in life, and as a result, they switch to another profession. The other reason for changing your career to IT can be your passion, or it is a hobby that you want to build on. Others might be curious to get knowledge about the latest advancements in technology and get sucked into the IT field. Then there are others who are forced to switch to IT due to a physical injury. The key point remains, if you are not happy with your current job, then you should think about changing your career.

An IT career includes a number of areas, and it is important to decide which area of IT you wish to pursue – Business Analysis, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Data Analysis, Databases, IT, Networking, Project Management, Programming, Software Testing and Web Development.

If you have weighed your options and are now planning to IT career switch, you should be practical and have a mindset to achieve your goals. Initially, it might be hard, and you need to understand without the right skills it will stay hard. There are many pathways to gain in-demand IT skills and get the confidence to achieve your desired goal. Taking small steps at a time, learning the fundamental skills, gaining hands-on experience is the key and will get you success in the long-term.

If you are a recent non-IT graduate with no experience, migrated to Australia and was working in a different field which has little demand or jobs in Australia, or are tired of working in your current job, then you need to gain critical IT skills and the quickest way to gain them is through IT Certification Training Courses. You can enrol in a diploma or a degree program, be mindful it will take a long time, and in most of the cases, the knowledge gained in degrees and diploma is not current, especially in the case of IT. IT certifications, on the other hand, will be quicker, include relevant current knowledge and skills but may be challenging due to their shorter duration.

All well known IT vendors around the world have IT certification programs, e.g. CompTIA, Cisco, Microsoft, Amazon, and Palo Alto training which help a new entrant to IT learn the key skills.

CompTIA certifications are helpful for those who want to be an expert in hardware, technical support and troubleshooting.

Cisco certifications, e.g. Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) and Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) certifications, assist in gaining expertise in networking. Typical areas include routing and switching, cloud operations, network security, wireless networks, data centres, cyber-attacks etc. These certifications can allow you to start a career in networking and work up to Network Engineer, Network Administrator, IT Manager, IT director etc.

Microsoft has many IT certification training courses which include Role-Based certifications depending on the job role, e.g. Azure, Dynamics CRM, Microsoft 365 and Power Platform.   These certifications enrich you with the knowledge of databases, operating systems, cloud, and software development.

Palo Alto certifications provide knowledge about network-based cyberattacks and how to prevent them. Palo Alto certifications include PCCSA, PCNSA and PCNSE.

People who wish to change their career to IT can undertake these IT courses to enhance their IT skills quickly.

Finally, the Information Technology field includes many jobs like Information systems security manager, network administrator, database manager, data security analyst, network security engineer, applications architect and so on. The average salary packages for these jobs are above $70,000 per annum.

Proper guidance can help someone to change their career to IT quickly and easily. Logitrain’s job program can help to switch a career in IT by providing instructor-led training, IT certifications, local work experience, and career counselling. www.logitrain.com.au also offers IT courses with guaranteed job.


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