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How to Setup and use the Packet Tracer?

Packet Tracer

This article will illustrate the steps on how to setup and use the packet tracer


Packet tracer is a network simulator software which helps to simulate all essential networking devices for preparation of any CCNA exam.

Setup Packet Tracer

  • To start with the setup, first thing is to download a copy packet tracer file from Internet. Once the downloading is completed, open the folder, and run the setup file.
  • A user prompt will be popped up to confirm the installation on your screen. Click ‘Yes’ to proceed.
  • After confirmation, installation will kick up with a graphical wizard showing welcome message and an instruction to close all the windows but at this step closing the web browser will suffice.
  • Upon closing the web browser click ‘Next’ to proceed further.
  • On the next screen, licence agreement gets displayed. Accept the ‘I accept the agreement’ and proceed further for next step by clicking on ‘Next’.
  • The next screen provides an option to select your own directory path or else can go with default path appearing on the screen. It purely depends on the user choice. Once the selection is made proceed to next step by clicking on ‘Next’
  • Next screen allows user to provide a shortcut name which appears on your start menu. By default, the name appears as ‘Cisco Packet Tracer’. This can be modified or left as it is. Here I am proceeding with default name appearing on the screen and clicking on ‘Next’
  • Next screen appears with an addition option to create a shortcut on your desktop with a ‘Create a desktop icon’ and option on quick launch bar which can be enabled with the checkbox -‘Create a quick launch icon’. Make your choice and click ‘Next’
  • And now on the next screen click on ‘Install’ or click ‘Back’ button to make any modifications to the selection made in previous screens. Assuming no changes, clicking on ‘Install’
  • On completion of Installation, click on ‘Finish’ to complete installation.
  • In case of any errors during installation, error page will be displayed based on which further debug need to be continued. Assuming installation is successful proceeding to next steps.
  • Upon clicking on Finish, Packet tracer creates a folder. This setting can be changed anytime under options->Preferences
  • This completes the installation steps. Proceeding with the activation steps.

Activation Steps

To use, Packet tracer requires login to proceed. If you are not connected to internet can proceed with Guest user account. To use Guest account, press Guest login on start up. There is a limitation on Guest account on features and will only allow user to save up to 3 labs. In order to avoid any restrictions, create an account of your own from the website and login with user account. This will remove all restrictions.

Hope the article provided required information for setup and activating the packet tracer for your use. Happy Learning.

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