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How to Set Up and Use The Packet Tracer?

Packet Tracer

Cisco Packet Tracer is a network simulator software. It allows the simulation of all essential networking devices to experiment with cisco network behaviour. The packet tracer performs simulation for routers, switches and other network devices. It even supports Routing protocols such as RIP v1/v2, OSPF, EIGRP and BGP. It also supports the application layer, transport layer, network layer protocols. The Packet Tracer interface is quite user friendly. It allows drag and drops items from the item display section and it’s also easy to add or delete network devices.

Procedure to Install Packet Tracer on Windows PC: After downloading the Packet tracer, click on the downloaded file to start the process. Once the window shown below appears go to the next step by pressing the “Next” button. Follow the steps as shown in the image.

Step 1-

Step 1

Step 2-

Step 2

Step 3-

Step 3

Step 4 –

Step 4

Step 5 –

Step 5

Step 6 –

Step 6

Step 7 –

Step 7

After the Packet Tracer is successfully installed, it’s ready for use. For firsts let’s configure a router with Packet Tracer.

Procedure to configure a Router:

First, open the Packet Tracer and select a router from the bottom display devices section. Drag the router icon to the centre of the blank space.

Procedure to configure a Router

In the next step, we will create a network between two computers who will be able to communicate with each other. So, we will select a computer from the bottom left hand corner and drag the icon to the white space. Repeat the same step for the second computer too. Position the computers on either side of the router because we have to connect those computers to the router with a crossover cable provided in the connections.

Procedure to configure a Router 2

After selecting the copper crossover cable, click on Router0 and connect PC0 through the cable via FastEthernet0/0. Link PC1 with Router0 through FastEthernet0/1 via the cable. You will find that even the link between the computers and the router is established, it shows red dots at both ends of connections.

Procedure to configure a Router 3

Now we have to link established functional too which will make the red dots turn into green dots exhibiting the link state to be UP. So, we first check the configuration menu to see whether the router is turned on or not. In the below image we can see that there will be a small green light below the switch.

Procedure to configure a Router 4

Next, we have to make sure that the Ethernet ports of the router should be in a UP state to allow communication. By default, they usually stay in an administrative down state. So we open the CLI tab to access the configuration menu. Type the following commands –

  1. Type “RETURN” ->start the session
  2. Type “Enable” -> gets to privileged mode
  3. Type “config terminal” -> access configuration menu
  4. Type “interface fastethernet0/0” -> access to FastEthernet0/0 port
  5. Type “ip address” ->to assign IP address and subnet mask to the interface
  6. Type “no shutdown” ->to open up the interface to be functional

Message displays showing –

Message displays showing

We then have to repeat the same procedure for FastEthernet0/1. Type the commands as –

  1. Type “Ctrl + Z” -> to return to previous menu
  2. Type “interface fastethernet0/1” -> access to FastEthernet0/1 port
  3. Type “ip address” ->to assign IP address and subnet mask to the interface
  4. Type “no shutdown” ->to open up the interface to be functional

So, we have successfully configured the router. But still, the computers are not able to ping each other. This is because the gateway on the computers has not been configured yet and the ip addresses to the computers have not been assigned.

First we click on PC0 and under global settings we find the field for gateway. Assign the router’s IP address in the gateway field ie. Then we click on the FastEthernet tab present at the left hand column. Enter the Ip address for PC0 as and subnet mask  Follow the same process for PC1, assign the gateway, IP address for the computer as and subnet mask as

Message displays showing 1

The computers now can send packets to each other and the red dots on the end connection has been replaced by the green dots.

Message displays showing 2

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