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How to Get Software Testing Job Without Experience in Australia?

Software Testing

Software testing is a process of testing software under development for bugs and errors to ensure the software doesn’t contain and bugs and errors and runs smoothly. Software testing role is essential in software development process. Working in software testing role needs vast knowledge of different aspects related to software. It is good to start a career as a software tester if anyone wants to work in a software development industry. One can move to other section within software development after working in testing section.

Experience is preferred in every job while most of the popular software companies prefer experience software tester for the role in their company. But as a fresher it is a bit difficult to get a job in software testing role. We are going to discuss on how to get a software testing job without experience in real world.

To develop oneself as a software tester, one should be doing lot of activities related to testing that helps them to be known as a good tester. One should be well prepared and known to all the terms related to software testing. There are different things that a person should do in order to get the software testing job without experience. Some of the activities that need to be performed by candidates to get a software testing job without experience can be listed below.

  • Be passionate about software and software testing.
  • Have a clear understanding on why you want to be a software tester.
  • Have a clear understanding about the roles on software testing.
  • Be passionate in testing.
  • Create interest in software testing.
  • Apply for the testing job when you are ready for the job.
  • Be experienced with software testing tools.
  • Be educated with the software testing methodologies.
  • Be knowledgeable on software testing techniques.
  • Develop the basic skills in software testing.
  • Develop the skills of writing test cases, test report, test summary report, test conditions.
  • Develop the skills of writing defect report.
  • Join a training institute who can provide you with training on software testing.
  • Join as a volunteer in crowd sourcing software or freelancer.
  • Work as a freelancer and get experience.
  • Get access to free software for testing and test them for free and get experience.
  • Access software testing projects from online sources and practice testing on them.
  • Get certified in basic software testing courses.
  • Get certified in advanced level testing courses as well.
  • Watch some software testing tutorials over the web.
  • Buy some books related to software testing and start studying.
  • Get access to software testing tools and start testing.
  • Limit your criteria on testing like manual, automated, performance etc.
  • Prepare an impressive cover letter as per the job advertisement
  • Prepare an impressive resume
  • Do not get tired in applying for entry level positions.
  • If you are not hired then increase some more knowledge and mention in your CV and apply again.
  • Get recommendation from some software testers who are already in the industry.
  • Normally big companies don’t hire the one without experience. So, it’s better to apply in small or startup companies if you are not experienced.

Having knowledge in the related field is not less than being experienced. It’s just different than the one who are currently working in that field in collaboration with other people. Software testing is a challenging job as you might not have a fair relationship with other team members because your job is supposed to find the errors made by others. So, it better to be ready for every type of obstacles to work as a software tester.

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