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How to Get a Data Analyst Job With no Experience?

Data Analyst Job

Is Data Analyst a good career? Yes, it is and let me explain why.

Every business generates a huge amount of data on daily basis. This abundant wealth of data is useless without a Data Analyst.

In order to process the varied data and deploy data-driven insights, a highly qualified professional is needed. And here comes the Data Analyst into the picture. Data-savvy professionals utilizes a wide range of methodologies including Machine language, Programming, Probability and Statistics to derive the indicators, which are helpful for the decision-makers.

There is a huge demand of Data Analysts out there, but a smaller number of available Data Analysts. As a result, the demand for Data Analysts is increasing globally.

Wondering where you might end up as a Data Analyst?

Data analysts are often associated with tech sector; however, they are needed in almost every sector and few of the most data-dependent industries are Retail, Finance, Manufacturing, Healthcare and Transportation.

If you plan to be a data analyst but do not have any relevant experience in the industry, you can start with Data Analyst certification courses. These courses not only make your foundation strong in the subject, but also hone your natural aptitudes into marketable analytical talents.

Listed below are the recommended certification courses to start your career as a Data Analyst:

Microsoft Excel: Organizing data and calculating numbers is one of main tasks of data analysts. Microsoft Excel is considered as a basic tool in data analysing and data organization. We offer excel courses at introductory, intermediate and advanced level which helps you to learn use of Excel to its full potential. These courses help you to get in-depth understanding of storing huge databases, performing analysis, data modelling and data validation.

Python: This certification course helps you to gain Python skills, learn data analytics and move beyond Excel. It gives an immense knowledge about visualizing and interpreting large data. Further, you learn to structure document code, error handling and using related tools through this course.

Tableau Fundamentals: This certification course introduces you the data analysis and visual design in learning Tableau. It includes practical working with Tableau maps, graphs, visuals and many more. Various skills are gained though this course including arithmetic calculations, custom aggregations, date math and table calculations.

PHP fundamentals:  PHP is one of the primary languages for web programming and we offer PHP fundamental courses at introductory, intermediate and advanced level. These courses cover fundamental concepts of web programming, configuration designs and making APIs utilizing PHP.

Machine learning: Machine learning is being effectively used for data analysis. This certification course focuses on application and benefits of Artificial Intelligence, its challenges and risks. This course is focused on individuals with an Interest in Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning.

MySQL: SQL and data analytics go hand in hand. This certification course sharpens your SQL skills. It validates the competency of an individual as Oracle certified professional. Furthermore, it enhances your understanding of the different type of database models and components.

If you have the required skills and Certifications, we guarantee to get you a Data Analyst job, through our Data Analyst Job Program.

This program offers the skills and knowledge required in Business Intelligence to perform analysis and research. It includes in-demand training on T-SQL Querying, Programming and Tuning; SQL Server Business Intelligence; Power BI and Report Builder.

The job roles after data analyst job program may include but are not limited to getting you a business analyst, data analyst, BI analyst, business architect, customer analytics analyst, business intelligence consultant, digital analyst, data insight analyst, business performance Analyst and other related roles.

We offer tailored job programs which suits your need and it commence every week.

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