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How to Become a Web Developer Without a Degree?

Web Developer

Web developers are at the forefront of the Internet age. They design/develop website and their applications. They are responsible for website creation all the way helping from aesthetic properties such as website layout to technical considerations such as handling website traffic. Further, they manage site functionality, implement application features and integrate security measures.

Demand for web developers has been on the rise during the past decade and is projected to continue increasing.

No specific degree is a requirement for a career in web development.

Certification courses goes a long way for aspiring candidates as these courses are designed for educational and training purposes. They help the candidates to gain fundamental knowledge and practical experience. And even serve as a steppingstone to a career in web development.

Listed below are the top 3 web development certification courses, in demand:

Agile Foundation Certification: This course covers a wide range of topics including software development, Scrum, Kanban and Agile Web Development methodologies. It is aimed to add employability skills in the candidates, through this course. The syllabus has been updated to cover the new exam BFCA: BCS Foundation Certificate in Agile V2.0.

MTA Software Development Fundamentals Certification: This course is deigned for the candidates with a basic knowledge of software development. It helps to train candidates to undertake the MTA Software Development Fundamentals exam. The candidates gain the thorough understanding of core programming, web applications, object-oriented programming and desktop applications, through this course

Oracle Database 12c – Introduction to SQL Course: This is a foundation level course intended for the candidates with the basic knowledge of Data processing. The course introduces candidates with the basic concepts of SQL, RDBMS, DML statements and Data Definition Language. Undertaking this examination is one of the two steps towards attaining the Oracle Certified Associate Certification.

If you have the required skills and Certifications, we guarantee to get you a Web Development job, through our Web Development Job Program.

We offer tailored job programs which suits your need and it commence every week. This program offers in-demand skills, local work experience and career counselling.

The job roles after Web Development program may include but are not limited to getting you a Web Developer, Application Developer, Analyst, Database Designer, Software Engineer, Systems Engineer, Database Administrator and other related jobs.

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