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How to Become a Software Tester Without Degree?

Software Tester

To have or kick start a career as software tester, a degree not a must. Having to say, there are a few facts that needs to be considered and ask yourself seriously and truthfully of becoming a software tester.

Anybody can be trained as one but only those with real passion or interest in this field can make a long term career for themselves and grow as a software tester getting the best jobs available in the market.

Some questions that you should probably ask yourself including, “why do you want to become a software tester?”, “why did not you choose software development instead?”, or any related questions. The reason behind that is with real interest and passion, you will be able to do well in this job,  otherwise you will find it as a burden and end up losing your performance and efficiency.

The essential quality for a software tester is to be tech-savvy, so to do that, it would be very useful to emphasize your particular knowledge and hands-on experience. This might be any programming language, a basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, or familiarity with an automation tool. You could also list related course, certificates, freelance or open-source projects you’ve participated in which you can demonstrate your expertise to a potential employer.

Keep developing and improving the right skill that is set as software tester, it will keep you on the right path. To have a significant exposure to Test scenarios and Test cases, the best place to be is to join any leading institute that offers training in software testing. This will lead you getting a good understanding and knowledge of software testing as well as some useful hands-on experience in having a software testing job. In addition, most of the job openings require you to have some certifications in testing. Some companies make it mandatory because they prefer the candidate to be productive from day one of his or her joining into the company and no amount of time or money needs to be spent on training the candidate the basic software testing concepts.

Taking up freelancing work will definitely be an added benefit to your experience. You can also do Crowdsourced Testing which is a emerging trend in software testing which uses the advantage, viability, and effectiveness of a large amount of people to remotely test websites, mobile apps, products and services. It basically come up with an online crowd testing platform to reform the software development across the globe. It is the most viable, quickest and efficient way to integrate and optimise the quality of the software products for today’s world. You can either become a tester or a client. By doing these testing for a few months before applying for the job will add weight in your CV (Curriculum Vitae).

Know-how of using popular software testing tools is essential too. Some of them offer free trial versions. Maybe the best suggestion is start exploring Selenium first, the most popular open-source and one of the best automation testing tools available in today’s market. Some other tools that you can explore are QTP, RFT, Bugzilla, LoadRunner, etc. With these knowledge in hand can prove to be very helpful in getting you a software testing job even though without any degree.

Becoming a potential software tester in today’s world is quite high and so is it’s competition. Nothing is impossible for those who really put their effort and hard work in. If you are perseverance and ready to be a learner with persistent and open-minded and you’ll have all chances to be as successful.

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