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How to Become a Software Tester Without a Degree in Australia?

Software Testing

People would not believe that necessarily it is not mandatory to have an appropriate degree to become a software tester. They should possess some particular knowledge and special experience to work as a software tester in the industry. Getting is a degree in computer science or software engineering might be a bonus for grabbing a software testing job but self education and opportunities to access education are the important steps to achieve the initial skill levels required for a job and land yourself in a basic software testing job.

Lots of self learning and self – motivation are among the most important aspect to be considered to be a software tester without holding an appropriate degree. The basic software degree are essential part of the application process for the fresher who wants to join the industry but if you hold several years of experience in the industry performing the testing job in different firms then the degree for you is not mandatory as experience counts in achieving a job in companies.

There are some important things to be considered to become a software tester without holding an actual university degree. Some of them might sound stupid but they actually works if you are passionate and really want to develop yourself as a software tester. Some of the inspiring ideas to be a software tester without having an actual degree are:

  1. Show yourself as a technologically updated

Being a tech-savvy is one of the most important qualities one should have if they want to become a software tester without a degree. Companies will look for a certificates or degrees you hold to see if you are technologically updated and able to handle things. And if you don’t have a degree then you need to have some more IT certifications to prove your ability.

  1. Improve yourself incrementally

Improving yourself incrementally is another important quality to become a software tester without a degree. One should learn some fundamentals of testing. They should be doing some online or offline courses as well as add some certifications for gaining more knowledge in the sector. One should study the course content of the books on software testing and get some experience working as a freelancer or even volunteer in working as a tester for some company.

  1. Find/Hire a Guide or a Mentor

It is essential to have a guide or mentor who can guide you in right direction while moving yourself forward. So, to become a software tester without a degree one should have a mentor who can guide them in different steps of self-development process. One can choose some online instructor or some close friends who are expert in software testing or have been working as a software tester.

  1. Practice in a real world testing some dumb or real application

After getting knowledge and certification in software testing, it is essential to practice your knowledge and skills in the real world. One can work as a freelancer or volunteer in some companies or one can practice testing the application available in real world by asking permission to test them from the owners and create a list of bugs and defects accordingly. By doing so, one can improve their resume or CV by listing the project tested and worked as a volunteer or freelanced in companies.

  1. Keep learning in every step

One should never stop learning in any step of their life. Learning new things or gaining new knowledge is a plus point for the experience. One should always keep on learning or studying new ideas or innovation that are presented in the real world.

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