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How to Become a Software Quality Assurance Tester?

Software Tester

Quality Assurance or QA simply, is the sign of a business which utilizes a progression of measures to guarantee that the business item is consistent. It is a preventive cycle acquainted through the identified defects and errors. That is, the product meets its set of functional requirement within the developmental process.

Quality Assurance or QA refers to the matching of the product quality requirements within the product under different abnormal conditions. For example: stress using condition, over use, performance ability etc. QA insures that the functionality or normality of a product doesn’t change over time and remain consistent over the time. QA helps to identify the criteria on change of the product quality and help to recover from those changes and maintain the consistency.

Quality Assurance has been used widely in today’s world in every industry including information Technology and Software Development companies. Different processes are followed depending on the nature of the production business. The aim of QA is to maintain the quality of the product to keep the business running in the normal environment and provide the product to the customers and users.

Becoming a software QA tester requires more knowledge, skill and experience in comparison to software tester. Experience is the must to have while applying for QA tester. You should have worked as a tester before to apply for a QA tester. For most of the entry-level position for QA tester, a bachelor’s degree on related field is required with a certification if available. Internship in some companies for QA tester is highly recommended to gather some experience in QA tester.

Some of the related certifications for QA includes CASQ (Certified Associate in Software Quality), CSQA (Certified Software Quality Analyst). These certifications can be achieved from different organization like ASQ (American Society for Quality) that provides the certification. They also provide the training and resources for quality.

There are some universities as well which offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Quality Assurance. They cover the different topic related to Quality Assurance like quality manufacturing, quality product, quality inspection etc.

To start a career in Quality Assurance, one needs to have specific skills. Attention to details is the must have skill for QA tester followed by the observation. It is the job of a QA to find the targeted product meets the requirement specification in the stages of product development. It is the duty of QA to declare that the functions on the product are working as per the limit.

To be a QA tester one should not only have a observation skill but also the skill to give ideas on improvement of the service. The skills in communicating and negotiating with the customers and stakeholders for the requirements are important to have. They should have a sound mind to understand and identify the main reason for the problem and should know the developmental process from start to the end. Team player skills is one of the important skill needed to be a QA along to achieve a common objectives in a team and leadership quality is essential to inspire the fellow team mates to work and achieve the goal. Market research and statistical data are considered to be significant for QA tester as they can justify their work as per the limitations. QA also should have a skill of solving problem working with the different member of a team or outside of a team.

The roles and responsibilities of QA are evolving day by day. The works are not only limited to some responsibilities for QA. They may help in other sectors of the development process as well in the industry as per the terms and policy of the organization. One should consider all of these and develop themselves as a QA tester so that they can improve their career in software testing.

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