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How to Become a Software QA Tester in Australia?

Software QA Tester

QA and Software Testing are interrelated but not interchangeable and substitutable. The relationship has a hierarchical nature. QA, at the top of the pyramid with its goal to plan and establish the process of quality evaluation. As for Software Testing is a way to gather information about software quality in order to check the results of implemented processes.

So to become a software QA tester in today’s world, it’s worth knowing where or how far you can go from entry level.

Below are some possible types of expertise to develop:

  • Front-end testing, focuses on the application’s user interface.
  • Back-end testing, which exercises the business logic, database structure, and other parts of the application that don’t show directly to users.
  • Test plans writing to ensure that every application path is exercised.
  • Systems testing including the manner in which this application interacts with other systems.
  • Security testing, to ensure system is being protected from exploiting its vulnerabilities.
  • Accessibility testing to make sure everyone can use the software.

One of differences is if you perform black box or white box testing. With black box testing, tester wouldn’t know how the system work but with white box testing, tester would have at least a structural understanding of the system. And with grey box testing is a combination of both. Another differences is manual testing or automated testing with the latter becoming more important.

The essential quality for a QA tester is to be tech-savvy. So to do that, it would be very useful to emphasize your particular knowledge and hands-on experience. This might be any programming language, a basic knowledge of C, C#, Go, HTML (for web processing), CSS, Java, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, and Unix scripting. Object-oriented language such as Java, C#, or Python are most popular of today’s applications, and familiar with the software or automation tools used to test them.

Know-how of using popular QA testing tools is essential too. Some of them offer free trial versions. Maybe the best suggestion is start exploring Selenium first, the most popular open-source and one of the best automation testing tools available in today’s market. Some other tools that you can explore are Cucumber, LoadRunner, etc. With these knowledge in hand can prove to be very helpful in getting you a software testing job even though without any degree.

Even though you have advantages if equip with this technology expertise but what makes you a good tester often is your soft skills and personality traits. Those interpersonal, social help you to do testing. Those interpersonal , social help you to do testing. Also stay very curious and be good at being curious. You have to have the ability to not ignore little things, to ask questions. You cannot be content with ‘It’s good enough.’ You need to dig a little deeper, to ask why and how.

One last step is getting ready for interview and be well prepared. Be expected to answer questions about your testing skills and interpersonal skill. Work out and bring your portfolio showing what you can do such as a test plan you had written, a test case and a bug report you wrote up, if possible. Sometimes that is all you needed to leave a good impression and to get employed. Besides that, job interview is a two way conversation which means not only the prospective employer to learn about you, it’s also your chance to ask about the job.

Becoming a potential QA tester in today’s world is quite high and so is it’s competition. Nothing is impossible for those who really put their effort and hard work in. If you are perseverance and ready to be a learner with persistent and open-minded, you’ll have all chances to be as successful.

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