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How to Become a Business Analyst in Australia?

Business Analyst in Australia

In Australia, the demand for Business Analysts is set to grow very strong in the coming years, and in saying that, on average, Business Analysts are paid $2,274 AUD weekly.

What is a Business Analyst? In simple terms, these experts are trained to investigate and improve the processes and operations of an organisation.

In other words, Business Analysts collaborate with stakeholders to find out the requirements of the organisation and work out solutions to improve the functionality of systems or technology used, by performing specific tasks on an organisation’s hardware, software, and management structure. After the analyst is done with their review and found weaknesses, they will then provide recommendations on how to improve or fix the weakness and even help to design and implement solutions. Eventually, when these improvement changes are made, the Business Analysis is also responsible to come up with documentation such as a user manual or a training program to support the changes. Even after the changes are made, the analyst will still have to monitor the progress of the changes to ensure there aren’t any issues and also provide regular reports to stakeholders on the results of the changes.

So in saying that, I hope if your dream job was to become a Business Analyst that this summary hasn’t changed your mind. If you have communication and problem-solving skills, love helping to make improvements, and still think you have what it takes, then let’s have a look at how you can land your dream job!

The first thing you will need to complete is a Bachelors’s course. There are a variety of different bachelor qualifications where you can start your path to become a Business Analyst such as information systems, business admin, or any other similar field. It is also good to note that your resume will stand out more for employees compared to other candidates if you have additional qualifications such as a Master’s.

You should also make yourself familiar with the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge or commonly known as the BABOK guide. This guide is known worldwide and highly recommended because it is the accepted standard for the techniques used in Business Analysis. It will go through the skills, knowledge, and practices involved in Business Analysis.

It is also important to gain work experience so you stand out compared to other candidates. Now that you have successfully completed your studies and have familiarised yourself with the principles and concepts of Business Analysis, it will be very uncommon to find an employer that is looking for a fresh graduate for a Business Analyst role, hence why you will need to make your way up. Start applying for entry-level roles, such as a data, system, or financial analyst, to gain some extensive experience. The BABOK guide recommends you begin documenting every single project you work on, as to eventually become a Certificated Business Analysis Professional you will need proof of your experience.

To make your resume stand out even more you should also consider applying for certifications. There are 2 main certifications known worldwide in regards to Business Analysis, and they are CCBA which stands for Certification of Capability in Business Analysis, and CBAP which stands for Certified Business Analysis Professional. In completing a certification, you can show an employer not only are you an experienced Business Analyst, but you are also motivated and committed to further expand your knowledge and skills. There are also other certifications out there to assist you depending on the requirements and your level of experience, so it is recommended you do your research on which certification is most suitable and beneficial for you.

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