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How to be a Software Tester at Entry level?

Software Tester

Software testing has always been an important role in software development lifecycle in confirming that the software is error free and ready to be released in the market. Software tester as a job is a professional work where they have to undertake different circumstances and perform their duty in order to find the mistakes done by others. To be a software tester it is not mandatory that the one should have a proper degree in software engineering or testing. But having a degree on software engineering helps the employer know that the potential candidate is keenly interested in those areas.

To enter the industry as a software tester from entry level, one should have skills, qualifications, certifications related to software testing and some experiences as well. To develop oneself as a software tester and get a job as entry level software tester, one should be passionate about software testing. They should have a strong communication and analytical skills too. They should have right skills that are required to be a software tester.

Here are some of the tips and tricks which may be helpful for the fresher to get a job for software testing in entry level.

  • Be passionate about software testing and develop self as a software tester.
  • Get ideas about software testing and develop an interest in that field.
  • Get some ideas about quality assurance.
  • Get prepared with right skills required for the software testing job.
  • Apply for the job when you are really interested in doing it.
  • Get trained from some software testing training institutes.
  • Work as a freelancer in software testing.
  • Get some certifications related to software testing.
  • Study or learn software testing techniques.
  • Watch videos on tutorials.
  • Read books on software testing.
  • Try some software testing tools.
  • Learn the ideas on manual testing and automated testing.
  • Learn to write test cases, test script, test conditions etc.
  • Be enthusiastic and try to find mistakes in everything.
  • Learn how to comment in a professional way.
  • Learn how to communicate formally and informally.
  • Create an impressive cover letter and CV.
  • Do not include unwanted skills and experience in CV.
  • Customize your cover letter and resume for each employer separately.
  • Never mention fake experience in CV.
  • Getting a recommendation may help to start a new career as software tester.
  • Ask friends, tutor or your guide to get you the reference.
  • Always start applying in small companies first.
  • Upload your resume all over the internet where ever possible.
  • Always have a positive attitude and creative mind.
  • Practice detailing in day to day life.
  • Try to find tiny loopholes and practice.
  • Try proof reading.
  • Try to communicate with other people in online forums and networking sites.
  • Make yourself visible over the internet to the potential employers.
  • Post some writings or articles on the internet related to software testing.
  • Ask questions related to software testing over the networking sites.
  • Ask for tips and tricks with the senior.
  • Read answers posted by others and comment

Software testing is a challenging and interesting job if you do it passionately. If you are not passionate about it then you won’t be able to perform as a software tester. It is said that you should have an eye like an eagle to see the details in the software development process. If you are really interesting in starting your career as software tester, then you should start to think like a software tester.

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