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How to Apply For a Job?

apply for a job

Job searching is a very tedious and stressful process. You should be ready to sacrifice time and energy in this process and should be ready for necessary things to increase your chance of getting the job. Use tips and tricks to make your cover letter, Resume, keep editing and updating them to suit the changes in requirement. You may have to apply several of them and keep hoping for someone can find your skills relevant for their need. But it is vital not to lose hope and keep trying.


Follow these steps to apply for a job:

Searching for jobs that fit your strengths and skill set. Jobs are posted through the internet now a day. Like Seek and other agent’s websites. Search through the website with the keyword relevant to your skills example: “Business Analyst”. This would display any relevant jobs. Another alternative you should know the agents who look after these jobs, visit their website, and search for jobs.


Have a CV which highlights your education, skills, and experience: Writing a CV which tells about you is very important. Get it proofread by your friend or who is capable of understanding the English, to crosscheck the grammar and spellcheck. The CV should include your name, contact details, email addresses, educational background, experiences, accomplishments. This should be in a cyclic date with the latest at the beginning. More important is to Tylor your resume to suit to the job requirement. More chance of getting an interview if your suite each and every time you submit the resume. Use active verbs to express your skills like “achieved”, “Reviewed”, “Conducted”.


Prepare a cover letter: The CV will contain your experience and history details. But we need to have a place where you can express your willingness and special abilities you have achieved which are in demand. This can be done through covering letter. This is a marketing tool to sell yourself. Pitching yourself as the best person. That should include why you are interested in the position. Why they have to hire you, what you intend to learn from the job, how you are the best person and the right fit for this job.


References: Usually three referees are required for any job you apply for. It is better if your referees are well placed in the industry. These people are ready to speak about your performance in the job. These people who are close to you could be previous company co-workers, supervisors or even the manager.  Make sure they know that you are giving their names as a referee.

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