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How Can Fix The Printing Problems?

Printing Problems

One of the easiest jobs one can do on a computer is printing a document. And the most fundamental problem that a user can encounter while printing is not being able to get a print, though, there can be numerous reasons for that. If you ever face any printing issues, try following the below written steps to fix the problem.

First of all, check the power supply to make sure the printer is switched on. And also check the connection between the PC and the printer to make sure the PC can establish the communication with the printer. If the PC is not able to communicate with the printer make sure the printer is installed and the appropriate version of the printer driver is installed.

If you have multiple printers connected to your PC, then, check whether the correct printer is selected from the print dialog box’s pop-up menu.

After that, ensure that there is paper in the paper tray of the printer. Normally there is an LED indicator or a message screen on a printer to show this. If there is no paper make sure you load the paper tray. And while you are checking the paper, also check whether there is ink in the cartridge, this also shows on an indicator or the message screen. If the ink is low, replace the toner/cartridge.

Once all this is done, check for any paper jams. Paper jams can occur when the paper is not aligned properly while putting in the tray. Printers have an indication option to show a paper jam as well. If there is a jammed paper in the tray, open the outer cover of the printer and pull out the paper, and make sure that you align the rest of the papers properly while putting the tray back and do not overfill the tray.

Check the queue of the pending print jobs on your computer. Normally a printing job disappears from the queue once it is finished, but if you can still see items in the queue the reason can be a paused or stopped job, or even an old driver version. Make sure you clear your queue first rather than hitting print repeatedly as it can further overload the queue. We can cancel a print job by right-clicking on the job and selecting cancel.

You can always use the Windows in-built troubleshooting option. Open the Control Panel and select view all. Click on Troubleshooting and select Printers from the available options. The tool will try to diagnose and fix the problem automatically, or at least, suggest the options to fix it.

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