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Aug 24
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Helpdesk Job Training and Certifications Required for Jobs

Help desk technicians are of high-importance in IT industry, as they help organisations with technical issues which are crucial for business.

IT help desk technicians provides technical support and troubleshooting services to IT end-users who need assistance with computer hardware and software. There are two main types of help desk technician i.e. In-house and Remote. Remote help desk technicians support customers with technical issues via phone, online or on-site occasionally. In-house technicians only provide support for internal employees of the organisation they work in.

Help desk technicians have sound understanding of computer systems. Strong communication skills are very essential because help desk technicians have to effectively communicate solutions to both technical and non-technical professionals. The IT help desk career path is ideal for systematic problem-solvers with an ability for learning and quickly adapting to new skills. Persistence, resourcefulness and a longing to help others are desirable qualities in technical support and help desk roles.

Many IT professionals step into IT industry as help desk technicians because of the lack of experience and relevant degree, then as they’re exposed to new IT disciplines and technologies, they discover their place and move into other IT roles such as network administrator, Database Administrator or IT security specialist etc.

A university degree is good but not mandatory for entry-level help desk positions, however it may help you stand out and get job faster with higher pay grade than candidates without degree. If you want a college education, but don’t have time and expense of a 4-year degree program, consider doing specialized certificate and training in IT/help desk support.

Help desk technician skill sets include PC repair; network management; Operating system deployment and configuration; information security; desktop and mobile device troubleshooting and soft skills like customer service and communication.

IT certifications offer a feasible alternative or is almost similar to an accredited degree program for an individual to start their career as help desk technician. ITIL, CompTIA A+, CCNA and Network+ certifications are an ideal, as they introduce the essential IT areas and provide deep understanding of IT infrastructure. The A+ training also includes a solid customer service component – an important skill in today’s business-focused IT job market. The next tier in your help desk certification track may be mastery of a popular operating system such as Microsoft’s MCSA windows 10 or windows server.

These certifications help individual to showcase their knowledge and skills to hiring managers and be on the list of top candidates for job.

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