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Aug 21
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Why Employers Prefers Certified Professionals.

The inputs and outputs of knowledge in the Australian market, some in the form of certifications, do not apply necessarily as a whole to all employers. In other words, the fact that qualifications and certification exist to indicate one’s knowledge and understanding of a domain is not to say all employers are asking for those.

The Australian market advocates the need for well-established best practices to be common wide and practiced the same way applied. Not following the later said, will result in the continent increased vulnerability to being required assistance from outside, which could be costly, timely and unsustainable.

A decision to study what qualifications could be daunting and hard to make. There is no indication for which certification an employer will be asking to see, if at all, as discussed above. From that reason it is a generally good rule of thumb to go for the most globally recognized best practices, taking the shape of well-recognized qualifications.

CPD is associated with certain certifications, the importance of it as can be shown in figure 1 is that it imply that the holder of such a certificate has been through more than sitting for a class and exam, but rather assuring the employer that the certificate holder commits an ongoing professional development, self-study capabilities, official training and a community. Thus, when choosing a certificate it is more of a gain when taking on a CPD affiliated certificate.

Figure 1 CPD activities

A unique showcase to the importance of certifications is the career changers in Australia.  Facing a vague future, being an expert in a one domain does not guarantee a successful transition into another. Certifications really matter proving knowledge, and help when engaging a career change, this should come together with transferable relevant skills from the individual’s past career.

One of the utmost important aspects of certifications, especially for candidates who are new to the market or career changers, is the professional credibility a certificate present. A candidate’s knowledge will not be questioned when holding a recognized vendor’s certifications such as Axelos or BCS. Certifications help to show knowledge and understanding of the domain, but moreover, they are living proof of the candidate’s commitment to his career and professional development. It is to the extent that organizations these days incentivize their best employees sending them to study for certifications and sponsoring their study.

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