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Aug 14
Is it easy to get a job in IT

Is it easy to get a job in IT ?

Question: Is it easy to get a job in IT? 

There is no simple answer to this question. It is not simple to find a job due to the increasing competition, but if you put the right amount of effort in the right direction and keep your skills updated, you have a much better chance to land your desired job. 

Candidates who are new to the IT field must understand the current market needs and skillset requirements to satisfy the recruiters and employers. Most importantly, the candidates must have sufficient relevant IT skills to apply for a job. Times are changing; you must know what the recruiters are expecting, where the market is heading and which IT skills are in demand and what is upcoming. This article is especially for professionals who are looking to start a career in IT and ask themself if it is easy to get a job in IT or start a career in IT. 


1. Effective Resume 

The resume is an essential factor to find a job; most people do not write their resume according to the job market. It is important to update your resume according to the job market requirements. Focus on your career goals and ambitions, rather than impressing the recruiters. Add all the transferable skills from your previous employment even if it was not in IT. Be relatable to your resume you should be able to back up the information and skills that you put with examples. Nowadays, resumes are used as filtering criteria, because an immense number of applications are logged just only for a few jobs. Use appropriate keywords in your resume, most recruiters do not spend time reading resumes, so it should be an eye-catching resume. 

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2. Apply relevantly

You should be aware of how and which IT job roles to apply for; it is important that you compare your experience with the job description provided. You should be able to match at least 70 per cent of it to stand a chance. The job you are applying for must be relevant, without good compatibility between your profile and job role, there is a high chance that your application will be rejected.  


3. Interview smart

It is heartbreaking, however, that many candidates, even with the right skillsets, fail to get an IT job. This is primarily because of their performance during the interview. You will be analysed head to toe during the interview, what you wore, how you presented, and what you said will be scrutinised. The recruiters expect professionalism. You need to know the interview skills, as a fresher, you must concentrate on aspects like your attire, sitting posture, voice tone, and so on. Seek help from friends or family members who have industry experience to prepare you for an interview. 

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4. Networking for a better chance

Making connections is vital for candidates who are looking for a job in Information Technology. Attend networking events and introduce yourself to professionals with industry experience. Seek help from experienced professionals to get references; it can make a huge difference in your ‘getting hired’ process. Get assistance from someone who is working in IT.


5. Research the company

Always study about the company before you appear for an interview, know about their industry, recent projects, top officials, and about your interviewer. Recruiters may test if you have sufficient knowledge about the hiring company since it shows your interest in the job. Create your relatable success stories, in Australia recruiters, tend to follow the STAR (situation, task, action, result) technique.

Apart from all these tips, pay attention to details and apply maximum effort to find an IT job. Logitrain offers a wide range of courses and job programs with guaranteed employment. We reduce your effort in finding a job regardless you are a fresh graduate, migrant or career changer. For more information, please visit Logitrain, call us on 1800 159 151 or email info@logitrain.com.au.

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