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Does Theory Knowledge Matter to Get a Job in Australia?

get a job in Australia

There are different kinds of knowledge, such as: knowing the theory aspect of things (Theoretical Knowledge), knowing how to do things (Technical Knowledge or Practical Knowledge).


What is the difference between Theory & Practical knowledge?

Practical knowledge is gained through real world experiences. Whereas theoretical knowledge teaches the theory aspect of things such as why it’s done the way it is (reasoning) & technique. In other words, theoretical knowledge is acquired by reading a manual & practical knowledge is gained by performing the activity.

Do Theory knowledge matters to get a job in Australia?

Both are crucial phases of learning and for work. The right combination of both methods is necessary

Be it gaining theoretical knowledge or practical knowledge, it’s a process. It does produce changes in an individual. For example, skills gained through reading manuals, books or universities are theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge is something which we acquire from real world experiences. Learning by discussing on some topic is completely different from actually doing it in real work and experiencing it.

Theory knowledge is the basic foundation and followed by applying those skills practically. Applying skills straightaway has both pros and cons. Although the learning curve can be shortened by getting into practical application it can be dangerous and the individual might not know the theory/reasoning behind doing things the way it is done.

Application skills also known as practical skills are very important and it’s also vital to understand how things work. Combination of both practical skills along with theory knowledge helps the individuals with both the experiences of others (through theory) and learning through one’s own experience – while doing a particular task, themselves. Knowledge is not tangible but practical application makes it tangible by applying those skills in day to day practice.

Both the knowledges go hand in hand and each has their own importance when it comes to getting a job in Australia, because both types of knowledge are required to master the particular stream.

Certifications and Internships

On top of having an educational degree, many organizations in Australia, give preference to individuals who have specialized knowledge on a specific area, in other words a subject matter expert (SME). For e.g. a subject matter expertise is someone who is expected to know all the technical aspects of a particular subject and hence people with certifications are preferred for such roles. In other words, more credibility for individuals with professional certifications, as most organizations believe the skills required for a real time work place can be attained through gaining the certifications.

Internships will gain the much required local experience in Australia. So the combination of both theory knowledge (certification) and practical skills (internship) helps the individual to get a job in Australia.

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