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Do Certifications really matter to get a job?

Do Certifications really matter to get a job?

Certifications are very expensive and time consuming, even though it is daunting process more people try to get. Industry use certification as a tool to validate an employee’s skill set and knowledge levels. As the industry is expanding more competition emerging and need of more skilled workforce is in demand. To work in a collaboration with the similar skilled people, certification helps to guide and select equally skilled people. It can be used as a tool to establish skill matrix of the company.

Obtaining certification or not depends on the type of Industry. Industry with technology changes rapidly one has to have certifications. Take for an example, in IT professional who is strictly learning in the job and have not taken any certification, doesn’t prove that the professional has the knowledge in all the different functionalities of the technology. Because he is using certain part of the technology at work, he may be well versed in that. That doesn’t mean he is competent in other aspects of the technology. The technology now a day’s changes so rapidly and it is hard to catch up all the functionality and it is hard to be using all the functionality in an industry. Every industry is different, and the same technology is being used in different ways. Certification and work experience goes hand in hand. It matters if one has the certification and no experience. Similarly, if one has experience and no certification still it is worthless. One may argue working for a long time have gained the knowledge.

Obtaining certificate shows one’s willingness to learn more and build their career in line with the present technology updates. This is the difference between a person though having fair bit of experience and still working with no certificate to the person willing to learn and use his knowledge in exploring to improve the standards.

In conclusion we can say obtaining certification will ensure you have fair bit of knowledge of the subject with the latest updates and techniques which otherwise would be hard to learn at work. The other thing they can do is to improve what they were doing at the workplace with new technology improvements to be on par with the industry competitors. We never know how could some new technology could bring benefit to a great extent and to sustain in the competitive world one has to have continuous improvement in skills and knowledge.

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