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  1. Why should I do CompTIA CySA+ certification?

CompTIA CySA+ certification is the international standard for validating your knowledge which competes for all industrial standards. This certification boots your technical skills in Cybersecurity analysis skills at an industrial level. Based on successful certified candidates review, IT professionals with CompTIA certification perform higher level than those who are not certified. This certification satisfied all criteria of the U.S. Department of Defence (DOD).


  1. Is a CompTIA CySA+ certification need for Cybersecurity field?

The CompTIA CySA+ certification is the next level of certification in the cybersecurity field. This certification provides all the technical skills required for any position in cybersecurity. Moreover, it gives a platform to learn threat and vulnerability management, system security, security assessment and compliance and incident report.


  1. Is CompTIA CySA+ Better Than CompTIA Security+?

CompTIA CySA+ certification is a more advance level certification course. However, there is a significant gap between CompTIA CySA+ certification and CompTIA Security+ certification. Both certificates are cover cybersecurity, but CompTIA Security covers more theoretical knowledge about network architecture, mitigation and adoption strategies and basic security concepts. All these concepts are not covered in CompTIA CySA+.


  1. How long does it take to get a CompTIA CySA+ certification?

CompTIA CySA+ certification course is usually  to five days full-time for training and up to 30 to 45 days for study for most of the people. However, this may change depending on experience and knowledge.


  1. Is it worth getting CompTIA CySA+ certification?

The certificate of CompTIA CySA+ is valuable because it offers a fundamental understanding of cybersecurity analysis. Moreover, the CompTIA CySA + certification ensure that you have knowledge of security personnel such as system security, monitor and measure security as well as threat management which is used in all industry internationally.


  1. How important is CompTIA CySA+ certification?

CompTIA CySA+ assures that you have all the skills and experience in cybersecurity. CompTIA CySA+ certification improves your understanding of key concepts of systems security in particularly professional level in the IT industry.


  1. Do I Need the Experience to Pass the CompTIA CySA+?

No, CompTIA does not mention any requirement for this exam, but they recommended that you have professional qualifications and work experience or hold CySA+ certification to pass CompTIA CySA+ certification.


  1. What is the purpose of the CompTIA CySA+ exam?

The CompTIA CySA+ certification exam provides an expert understanding of the cybersecurity at the industrial level. This certification helps you to grow yourself in the cybersecurity world and demonstrate your expertise with CompTIA CySA+ certification.


  1. What is a prerequisite for the CompTIA CySA+ certification exam?

There are prerequisites for CompTIA CySA+. However, a student needs four years of experience working in information security, or similar experience is beneficial.


  1. Does CompTIA CySA+ certification mean anything?

CompTIA CySA+ Certification will start your career at a top scale. For you, this certification builds a roadmap for different cybersecurity work. The CompTIA CySA+ certificate offers you an in-depth understanding of the fundamental cybersecurity.


  1. Is CompTIA CySA+ hard?

CompTIA CySA + certification is not a basic examination as it includes basic security analysis topics. This certification requires students to spend their time studying the key aspects of CompTIA CySA+ and to understand practical experience fully.


  1. Can I take CompTIA CySA+ before CompTIA Security+?

Yes, you can take an exam. However, CompTIA suggests that students with CompTIA Network+, CompTIA Security+ or equivalent expertise or four years of hands-on information security experience become easier to understand and highly recommended.


  1. What CompTIA CySA+ certification course covers?

CompTIA CySA+ certification course covers following topics – intelligence and threat detection techniques, analyse and interpret information, detect and resolve vulnerabilities, suggest preventive measures, and react effectively to and recovery from incidents.


  1. Can I give CompTIA CySA+ exam without a degree or experience?

CompTIA CySA+ Certification is an expert level certificate. You can establish your new profession as an IT specialist with the CompTIA CySA+ certification without any past experience or graduate degree. However, we recommended that students have at least four years of work experience in Information Security or CompTIA Network+, CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Security+ certification.


  1. How CompTIA CySA+ certification helps best for future in IT field?

If you have CompTIA CySA+ certification, it brings value to your present and prospective job because it demonstrates your ability to recognise cybersecurity requirements and experience of working in real-world environments that are highly valuable to the almost any company.


  1. What jobs will be needed in 2025?

According to 2019 Occupational projection –five years to May 2024, “Database and system administrator, and ICT security specialists will grow up to 18.3 per cent by 2024”. The CompTIA CySA+ certification course offers a chance for your career choice in the ICT security industry.


  1. What is the salary range of a CompTIA CySA+ certified professional in Australia?

CompTIA CySA+ certified professional wage of up to AUD 79,000 in all of Australia. However, it relies much more on the experiences of individuals working in the industry and also in a specific region.


  1. Is CompTIA CySA+ respected?

The CompTIA CySA+ certification is known worldwide and accepted throughout all industries. No, IT degree is required for this certification, and your career in ICT Security can be achieved.


  1. Do you deliver CompTIA CySA+ training in my region?

Yes, we provide training in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, Hobart, Perth, New Zealand, and online.


  1. Are the trainers of CompTIA CySA+ expert?

Yes, we have all expert trainers who are delivering training from many years of CompTIA CySA+ certification.


  1. How long my certification valid?

The CompTIA CySA+ certification is validating up to three years from the date of completion of the examination. And after three years, you must renew the CompTIA CySA+ certificate.


  1. How can you recertify CompTIA CySA+ certification?

To renew your CompTIA CySA+ Certificate, you can participate in various events and training programs or get a CompTIA Higher Level Certification or pass the CompTIA CySA+ exam again.


  1. Does CompTIA CySA+ course include exam fee and resources for the exam?

Yes, we provide CompTIA CySA+ training at our centre with exam materials, books and exam fees.


  1. Who will take the CompTIA CySA+ exam and provide certification?

CompTIA CySA+ certification can be obtained from the approved Pearson VUE Test Centre or Pearson VUE.


  1. How will long CompTIA CySA+ exam take?

The CompTIA CySA+ exam can take up to 165 minutes. Time can differ depending on the questions.


  1. After finishing my training course, how long I have time to take an exam with preparation?

After finishing your training course, you will have a 3-month voucher for the preparation of the exam and taking the exam.

  1. How much do CompTIA CySA+ exams cost?

CompTIA CySA+ exam current cost is AUD 485.


  1. How much training cost for CompTIA?

CompTIA CySA+ training costs depend on the mode of delivering the training and the training facility. The price of the training can be changed regularly.


  1. What kind of job can I get with CompTIA CySA+?

CompTIA CySA+ Certificate will give you the chance to start your career with Cyber Security SME, Cyber Security Operations Engineer, Cyber Security Risk Analyst, and Cyber Security Operational Analyst.


  1. What is CompTIA CySA+ exam code?

CompTIA CySA+ certification exam code has CS0-002.


  1. How many questions in the exam?

CompTIA CySA+ exam has approximately 85 questions in the exam. It may vary.


  1. What is the passing score for each exam?

The passing score for the CompTIA CySA+ exam is 750 (on a scale of 100-900).


  1. How many languages available for CompTIA CySA+ exam deliver?

CompTIA CySA+ exam delivers in English, Japanese, and others.


  1. What type of question asks in CompTIA CySA+ certification?

In CompTIA CySA+ certification exam has different types of multiple-choice questions and performance-based questions.


  1. How many times can you take CompTIA CySA+ exam?

CompTIA does not require a waiting period in the first and second exams for the CompTIA Network + Test. However, after you have taken the second test, you have to wait fourteen days from the date of the second exam.

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