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CompTIA Certification and Career Opportunities

CompTIA Certification

An IT certification usually leads to eligibility someone gets that shows their proficiency in a particular discipline of information technology (IT). To obtain certifications, the person has to clear an examination that examines your abilities in the IT field.


Nowadays, there are many certificates available in the market for IT professionals with different vendors such as Cisco, Microsoft, CompTIA, AWS, Google, Oracle etc. CompTIA is a neutral vendor, which means CompTIA does not have any ownership or in other words, we can say it supports all in a general way. Some people say getting CompTIA certification is worthy, and some people say it is useless. But, everyone has their opinion. This certification is beneficial for both professional and entry-level employee in IT.


There are many certifications in CompTIA, which are: Core, Infrastructure, Cyber Security and Additional Professional. To start a career as a fresh graduate, Core CompTIA is the best option.


There are some advantages of getting CompTIA certifications which are:

  1. Increase Professional Trust

When you want to start your career in the IT field as a fresh graduate, and if you have CompTIA certifications, then you can add them to your resume. Also, having CompTIA certifications shows your ability to learning extra, then academic and have fundamental knowledge and skills, which is very important. Once you get these certifications, you will get more confidence to take more new challenges to kick start your career in IT.


  1. Develop Strong Foundation of IT Learning and Abilities

As previously mentioned that, CompTIA is the neutral vendor. So, it supports all other vendors, and it comes up with the basics, which very important for IT. By doing CompTIA Core certifications, you can improve and develop your fundamentals for your IT career. If your fundamental is not strong and if you go ahead with other associate level and professional level certificate then, there is no meaning of those certifications. So, when you do CompTIA certification and also in that if you do CompTIA Core certifications, then you will develop and make strong fundamental of your knowledge and skills to kick start your career in IT.


  1. Get Additional Honour for Extra Certifications

Various IT organisations such as Novell, HP, Microsoft, Cisco and others grant acceptance to CompTIA certifications similar to A+ and Network+ in their certification records. Additionally, many institutes and universities provide credit to pupils who have CompTIA certifications.


  1. Increase Earnings and Create New Career Opening

Numerous companies and IT groups now get CompTIA certification compulsory for few positions. Various job adverts post these certifications as a primary qualification. Some reviews have confirmed that IT experts, who are accredited with certifications getting high pay than those who don’t have, in the equivalent job position.


  1. Gives Qualified for Different Career Positions

The CompTIA preparation qualifies for diverse entry-level IT professions such as Support Specialist, Information Technology Specialist, Networking or Service Technician, Desktop Support Analyst, Field Service Technician, Associate Network Engineer, End-user Computing Technician, Data Support Technician, Help Desk Technician, Desktop Support Administrator, etc. As a best IT certification, the CompTIA works as proficiency support for management by verifying your skill to acquire and improve IT knowledge. It also provides you with the adaptability to operate on-site or remote places. Performing in the before-mentioned positions serves a work-life balance which is essential for a worthwhile profession.

The CompTIA certification and training declare that advanced enterprise system security specialists’ skills are equal to those of the leading specialists in the area of IT. Also, it is relevant to constantly improve expert skill and then to stick applicable in the organisation and to be well-informed about the present chances and challenges in career.

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