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Aug 24
Cloud computing

Cloud Computing Jobs and its Training Courses

The cloud computing job market is constantly evolving with the growth of technologies from serverless to AI. Also, multi-cloud has created new possibilities in the field of cloud computing. Businesses are transitioning to cloud to save on expenses. Thus, increasing the demand of IT professionals with good understanding of cloud for jobs. To be successful in the field of cloud computing, individuals needs to keep up with different cloud trends and advancements.

Specific vendors still hold some control over cloud computing careers. For example, every IT professional choose to work with a specific vendor of their choice and are dedicated to it, such as an AWS Certified Solutions Architect focuses on the AWS for cloud solutions.

Though, with the growing admiration of multi-cloud and other technologies, some professionals are expanding their knowledge and application from a single cloud to multi-cloud.

As cloud computing jobs are on high demand, same is the case with their training and certification programs. You can obtain certifications in specific vendor technologies, along with other skills that can help you stand out and become highly valuable in the IT industry.

There are several cloud training and certification programs depending on your cloud computing career path. Some of them are Cloud Security Alliance’s Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK); Microsoft Cloud Platform and Infrastructure (MCSE); VMware Certified Professional (VCP); AWS Certified Solutions Architect; Google Certified Professional Architect; and Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Cloud.

Different vendors incline these certification programs on their own products, but they also help develop basic understanding of cloud computing architectures.

The cloud computing program can help an individual to land a job in several roles such as Cloud Systems Engineer, AWS Cloud Engineer, Cloud Implementation Engineer, Cloud Migration Engineer, AWS Migration Engineer, Cloud Implementation Architect, Azure Migration Engineer, Cloud Solutions Architect, Cloud Management Platform Consultant, etc.

The training and certification program emphasize on learning emerging changes in Cloud computing technology. Training helps individual understand various basic concepts of cloud computing technologies; the architecture and concept of different cloud models: IaaS, PaaS, SaaS; big data analysis tools and techniques; principles of cloud virtualization, cloud storage, data management and data visualization; cloud programming platforms and tools; have detailed knowledge on reading and writing in cloud storage; application development and deployment using cloud platforms.

Thus, cloud computing certifications could be beneficial for those who want to pursue their career in cloud computing.

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