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Cisco Switches 2950 and it’s Most Popular Features

Cisco Switches 2950

The Cisco Catalyst 2950 Series switches are a family of Ethernet switches that a user can use to connect workstations and other network devices like routers, servers, and other switches. It is a line of fixed-configuration, cluster capable (only a few models are stackable), and standalone switches that offer wire-speed Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet connectivity. This product series allows the small, mid-sized, enterprise branch offices, and industrial environments to select the right combination of two distinct sets of software features and range of configurations for the network edge.

The key features and benefits of the 2950 series switches.

  1. Exceptional Performance:
  • It provides wire-speed and non-blocking effective performance on all ports.
  • It ensures maximum throughput for the most performance sensitive application because of 8.8 Gbps switching fabric and 6.6 million pps maximum forwarding rate.
  • The 8 Mb shared memory configuration it possesses eliminates head-of-line blocking, minimizes packet loss, and delivers better performance with extensive multicast and broadcast traffic.
  1. Ease of Use and Ease of Deployment:
  • With the use of a single IP address, it provides an easy way to manage 16 interconnected Catalyst switches.
  • The user can automatically upgrade the system software on a group of Catalyst switches with the help of the Cluster software upgrade feature.
  • Optimizes bandwidth by auto-negotiating the duplex mode on all ports automatically.
  • The flash memory got a default configuration that ensures the switch can be connected quickly to the network and can pass traffic with minimal user interference.
  1. Integrated Switching Solution:
  • The bandwidth aggregation feature enhances fault tolerance and provides 4 Gbps of bandwidth between switches to individual servers and routers.
  • It got per-port broadcast storm control feature on all its ports to prevent faulty end-points from degrading overall systems performance with broadcast storms.
  1. Superior Manageability:
  • It offers comprehensive in-band management through SNMP and Telnet and out-of-band management through the CLI-based management console.
  • It got Embedded Remote Monitoring (RMON) software agent for enhanced traffic management, analysis, and monitoring.
  • The Cisco Works Windows network management software on a per-port and per-switch basis provide an easy and common management interface for switches, hubs, and routers.
  1. Security and Redundancy:
  • It provides multilevel security on console access to prevent unauthorized users from modifying the switch configuration.
  • It supports Cisco Uplink Fast technology to ensure quick failover recovery that is fewer than 3 secs enhancing network reliability and stability.
  • The private VLAN edge offers security and isolation between ports on a switch.

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