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Cisco Switches 2950 and Features

Cisco Switches 2950

Cisco switches 2950 is also known as Cisco Catalyst 2950 series is a intelligent fixed-configuration ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet switch that offers wire-speed connectivity to the desktop and gigabit uplink connectivity, deliver diligent services such as availability, network security and quality of service to the network edge.

The 2950 series is a collection of models such as Cisco Catalyst 2950G 12 EI, Cisco Catalyst 2950 24 EI, Cisco Catalyst 2950 24 EI DC, and Cisco Catalyst 2950 48 EI. There is a Cisco Device Manager software embedded in all 2950 router series which allows easy configuration and monitoring of the switch using a standard web browser, thereby eliminating the need for complex terminal emulating programs and knowledge of Command line interface. There is also a Standalone network management software namely the Cisco network assistant which provides to configure simultaneously and troubleshoot multiple Cisco catalyst desktop switches. The product line also offers two distinctive set of software features and a wide range of configuration which allows to select the right combination of network edge.

Features of Cisco switches 2950

Network Availability with WIRE-SPEED Performance in Connecting End Stations to the LAN: 2950 series switches deliver wire-speed performance on all ports in connecting end stations and users to the company LAN. High performance bandwidth between Cisco catalyst switches, routers, and servers are provided with the feature of Cisco Fast EtherChannel.

Enhanced NETWORK SECURITY is another salient feature of 2950 series switch. The feature allows data and network security based on users of MAC address. Other security enhancements are available by free software update.

The 2950 series switches provide better Network Control by delivery of LAND-edge QoS supporting two modes of reclassification. One mode honours the class-of-service value at the ingress point and assigns the packet to the appropriate queue. In the other mode packets can be re-classified based on a default value assigned to the network port by the admin.

High Network Availability provides efficient use of resources for bandwidth-hungry applications. The switches provide outstanding performance and ease of use in administering and managing multicast applications on the LAN via the support and configuration of IGMP snooping through the Cisco Network Assistant software.

Better Network Management can be achieved by Cisco Device Manager, Cisco AVVID and Cisco Network Assistant software. The Cisco Network Assistant software guide mode provides step-by-step configuration and provides help for context-sensitive assistance. The Cisco AVVID wizards helps automated configuration of the video conferencing, voice over IP and mission critical applications.

Superior Redundancy for Fault backups, Integrated Cisco IOS software features for bandwidth optimization, Layer 2 Quality of service, Ease of Use and Deployment are some of other major features of Cisco 2950 switches which makes the product outstanding.

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