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Cisco Routers 3800 Series And Features

Cisco Routers 3800 Series

The Cisco 3800 Series is next-generation router that integrate advanced technologies, adaptive services, and secure enterprise communications, all in a single resilient system. These routers offer high performance in VoIP, business video, and collaborative communications. The router offers reliable packet delivery of the above services.

The need for 3800 series arises from the demand for a single, resilient system that delivers converged data, security, and voice services. The router is a successor of Cisco 3700 series with higher performance level for mid-sized to large organisations. The series is ideal for process-intensive, higher performance applications and intelligent network services that need to run concurrently. It is most suited for midsize to large enterprise, resulting in an improved productivity and reduced operating and capital expenses.

The Cisco 3800 Series have also the Cisco 3825 and 3845 models with optional configurations for AC power, DC power and AC power with integrated inline power support.

Features of Cisco routers 3800

One of the important features of 3800 series is Secure Network Connectivity for Data, Voice, and Video. This series is one of the most comprehensive securitised networks embedded and integrated in the router. Built-in hardware encryption acceleration, IPSec, stateful firewall protection, dynamic intrusion prevention etc are some of the security and management capabilities.

Converged IP Communications is another great feature that also embeds voice service inside the router providing customers with maximum deployment flexibility, higher densities for stations, trunks, and conferencing.

The integrated access point for Wireless LAN connectivity support is another salient feature which provides Wi-fi hotspot service, wireless infrastructure service and mobile radio over IP for radio users.

One of the highlight features is the Integrated Service architecture which allows customers to securely deploy IP communications with tradition IP routing leaving the network module available for advanced services. The cisco router offers the ability to easily integrate the functions of standalone network appliances and components. Network modules such as the Cisco Network Analysis, Cisco Intrusion Detection System, and Cisco Content Engine network modules have embedded processors and hard drives which allows the modules to run independent of the router.  Embedded Digital Signal processor slots makes eery router a voice ready system. The voice systems are scalable as the customers can add voice capabilities a per need.

The Cisco 3800 series allows secure operation in a networked economy, easily implement network services ensuring high performance, investment protection and availability features. The routers are designed to deliver concurrent services at wire-speed of up to T3/E3 rates. This will ensure actual WAN throughput higher in less service-intense environment.

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