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Aug 16
Cisco routers 1900 series

Cisco Routers 1900 Series and Features

The Cisco 1900 series integrated services routers are modular routers. They come with LAN and WAN connections that can be configured by means of interchangeable interface cards and internal service modules. The series consist of the 1905, 1921, 1941 and 1941W models. The 1941W model is wi-fi certified and 802.11a/b/g/n-compliant. The modular design of the routers provide flexibility, allowing you to configure your router according to your needs.

This ISR series has slots that support Enhanced high-speed WAN interface cards, Internal services modules (1941 only), and 2 CompactFlash cards (1941 only). USB mini Type-B serial console port has been provided in addition to the RJ-45 console connector. Also, it has other USB ports as well.

The Cisco 1900 series routers provide superior services integration and agility. Designed for scalability, the modular architecture of this platform enables you to grow and adapt with your business needs. There are several benefits for business that are fulfilled by these routers. They offer high level of services integration with data, security, wireless, and mobility services enabling greater efficiencies and cost savings. A single Cisco IOS Software Universal image is installed on each Cisco ISR G2 which contains all of the Cisco IOS Software technology sets that can be activated with a software license, allowing businesses to quickly deploy advanced features without downloading a new Cisco IOS Software image.

Designed specifically for customers business requirements, the Cisco 1900 Series with the modular architecture offers a range of modular interfaces and services to aid growing needs of network. Modular interfaces provide increased bandwidth, various connection options and network resiliency.

The Cisco 1900 Series architecture also delivers energy-saving features as follow:

  • Intelligent power management that allows you to control power to the modules based on time.
  • Services integration with modularity performing multiple functions simultaneously optimizes resource consumption and energy usage.
  • Platform flexibility and constant development of hardware and software capabilities lead to an extended product life.
  • High-efficiency power supplies are provided.

The Cisco 1900 Series make the most of investment protection by allowing reuse of a broad array of existing modules which are supported on the original ISRs. Most of Cisco IOS Software features are carried forward from the original ISRs and delivered in the universal image. This router gives flexibility to grow as business needs evolve.

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