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CISCO Routers 1900 Series and Features

CISCO Routers

CISCO 1900 Series is the modular Integrated Service Routers (ISRs), with LAN and WAN connections configurable with interchangeable interface cards and internal service modules to provide high performance, highly secure and multi-integration services. 1900 series routers were released on 13 October 2009. To date, 5 different series of 1900 series have been launched  – 1905, 1906C, 1921, 1941, 1941W. The 1941W router was Wi-Fi certified with 802.11 a/b/g/n compliance. Out of these, only 1905 and 1906C are still available for sale on the official website, but  for 1921, 1941 and 1941W routers CISCO announced End-Of-Life on 4 May 2020, their End-Of-Sale dates have long passed and the End-of-Support dates are near.

This series of routers have new slots to support next-generation Enhanced High-Speed WAN Interface cards The built-in interfaces include – two Gigabit Ethernet ports, one RJ-45 console, one auxiliary port, a USB mini type-B console,  two USB 2.0 type-A compliant ports for 1940 series, and one USB 2.0 type-A compliant port for 1905 and 1921 series. The running configuration for this series is stored in a DRAM, type unregistered DIMM for 1940 series, and DDR2 for 1905 and 1921. It has a boot/NVRAM of 16MB flash memory for the bootstrap program, start-up configuration, and configuration register. The RAM for the 1940 series can be extended to a maximum of 2.5GB, whereas the RAM for 1905 and 1921 is fixed at 512MB.

1900 series routers can be deployed in high-speed WAN environments with concurrent services enabled up to 15Mbps. The highly redundant hardware provides increased tolerance to a network. Modular interfaces offer high bandwidth and network resilience. These provide energy savings features which include intelligent power management and can control power based on the time of the day. They also have an internal real-time clock with battery backup which allows the system to verify the certification authority certificates. The lithium battery of these routers last a lifetime under specified conditions and is not field-replaceable. Four major technology licenses are available on the 1900 series – IP Base (by default), Data,  Security (SEC), Security with No Payload Encryption (SEC-NPE). They also provide comprehensible security through secure non-stop connectivity, integrated threat control, and identity management for branch-office routers.

To conclude, in today’s world, where every organisation strives for more employee productivity and more centralised applications, the 1900 series through its high availability and increased business up-time, customised on-demand virtual services provides the required intelligent branch-office solutions.

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