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Aug 16
Cisco routers 1800 series

Cisco Routers 1800 Series and Features

Cisco 1800 Series integrated services routers logically embed data, security and wireless technology into a single, resilient system for fast, secure and scalable delivery of mission-critical business applications. They are ideal for small to medium-sized businesses, enterprise branch offices and service provider-managed services applications. These routers are specifically designed for secure broadband, wireless connectivity and Metro Ethernet; and provide significant performance improvements as compared to prior generations of Cisco 1700 Series.

Cisco 1800 Series integrated services routers have 7 main models, out of which first five i.e. 1801, 1802, 1803, 1811 and 1812 are fixed-configuration routers and 1841 is modular.

The Cisco 1800 Series fixed configuration routers provide secure broadband access with concurrent services for branch and small offices, secure wireless LAN for synchronized 802.11a and 802.11b/g operation using multiple antennas, integrated ISDN Basic Rate Interface (BRI), analog modem or Ethernet backup port for redundant WAN links and load balancing, advanced security including stateful inspection firewall, IP Security VPNs with 3DES/AES, Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) and antivirus support through Network Admission Control (NAC) and enforcement of secure access policies.

The Cisco 1811 and 1812 routers are focused on Ethernet access and are designed to be used as customer premises equipment (CPE) in Metro Ethernet deployments. The eight-port switch is appropriate for connecting multiple devices and the optional PoE capability can supply power to IP telephones or other devices.

The fixed configuration models include multiple WAN interface options. They offer eight 10/100mbps built-in switch ports with optional Power over Ethernet for DC power to network devices. Whereas, 1841 offers T1/E1 speeds and up to four 10/100 Mbps built-in switch ports. Cisco 1800 Series integrated services routers come standard with onboard encryption, auxiliary and console ports, ISDN BRI dial backup, except the 1811 router which uses V.92 analog modem dial backup instead.

Overview and comparison of different 1800 series models



10/100 FE WAN Ports 8-Port Managed Switch USB 2.0 Ports 802.11 a/b/g Wireless Model
1801 ADSL over POTS 1 Yes 0 Yes
1802 ADSL over ISDN 1 Yes 0 Yes
1803 G.SHDSL (4 wire) 1 Yes 0 Yes
1811 2 Yes 2 Yes
1812 2 Yes 2 yes
1841 ADSL, G.SHDSL, WICS 2 4-port single-wide 10/100 BASE-T with HWIC-4ESW 0 (1 USB 1.1 port) Yes (with HWIC-AP)
1861 HWICs: ADSL, G.SHDSL, 3G, T1/E1, Serial 2 yes none

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