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Cisco Router 1900 Series and Features

Cisco Router 1900 Series

Cisco Router 1900 Series are designed to meet the application demands of today’s small branches and to evolve to cloud-based services. It includes features like advanced analytics, application optimization, automated provisioning, and integrated security to deliver a complete, proven solution.The Cisco 1900 Series routers integrate LAN and WAN connections which uses the means of interchangeable interface cards and internal service modules (ISMs to support the virtualized applications and highly secure collaboration through the widest array of WAN connectivity at high performance that offers concurrent services at up to 25 Mbps.

The 1900 series currently consists of the 1905, 1921, 1941, and 1941W (wireless) models. It is a modular router that provides flexibility, allowing us to configure our router according to our needs.It support next generation Enhanced High-Speed WAN Interface Cards (EHWICs), Internal Services Modules (ISMs, 1941 only), and 2 CompactFlash cards (1941 only). It also includes universal serial bus (USB) ports for USB devices and a USB mini Type-B serial console port  for additional RJ-45 console connector.

Some features and benefits of Cisco Router 1900 Series includes:

  1. High Performance : Cisco 1900 series routers offer significant performance improvements over 1800 series. The 1900 series includes powerful energy-efficient multicore processors, a multigigabit fabric and the high-performance services modules that can run multiple concurrent services offered in a scalable manner at high throughputs.
  2. Investment Protection : Cisco router 1900 offers investment protection with support for a majority of existing WICs and HWICs that reduces deployment costs and increases flexibility.
  3. Services On-Demand : The cisco 1900 series integrated services routers supports delivery of software from hardware on optional service modules allowing you to quickly deploy new services.
  4. Energy Efficiency : The cisco 1900 series architecture incorporates higher-efficiency power supplies with intelligent power management.
  5. Modular design : 1900 series allows for reuse of a broad array of existing modules to meet business requirements while making the most of investment protection.
  6. Agile application services : This router also supports the agile application services like delivery assurance services, support application visibility, and control, which prioritizes and optimizes all types of data, voice, and video apps.
  7. WAN connectivity : The 1900 series also support the industry’s widest choices, including WLAN with 802.11a/g/n, T1/E1, T3/E3, 4G/LTE, xDSL, copper, and fiber Gigabit Ethernet
  8. WAN optimization : It also supports the on-demand WAN optimization and application acceleration through service modules.
  9. Highly integrated security : Last but not the least, the 1900 offers a comprehensive suite of VPN technology with IPSec and SSL VPNs and WLAN security support for 802.11i. It provides threat defense support through firewall and IPS options. It includes encryption and cloud-based security.

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